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    OK Guys,

    Here’s the Dubovsky version of the Business Challenge.

    I had formed an idea in the beginning but it changed as soon as I selected my backgrounds. Here’s what I came up with, who I’m targeting and how I did it.

    My target clientele is anyone old enough to have some damaged photos. I guess that only eliminates small children. My idea was to create a sense of urgency by showing a dramatic scene of our precious photos being swept away by time. And following that up with the phrase that time is running out. I tried to keep it simple yet to the point. By using items such as albums and family tree books along with the photos I was hoping to dramatize the accumulation of special events as well as separate moments. I hoped this would create the image of a lifetime of collected treasures our photos represent.

    I started with a layer of bricks that was some sample wallpaper. I selected all and clicked edit Define Pattern and in my ad I layer I clicked Edit , fill and chose pattern in the dialog box. It was small so I used transform to enlarge it to the size I wanted. I had a saved background for the next layer from a time I was playing with filters and created a spiral twist on some design I had made. I moved it to my add above the brick layer and sized it to fit. I added a lens flare to the center of the vortex I created and then lowered the opacity with a radial gradient on a layer mask. I drew out from the center so the center would be more opaque with the outer edges fading into the brick wall.

    I then opened a digital photo I took of some photos and books laid out on a lace tablecloth and moved it to my ad file. I sized it and used transform, distort to make it appear to be sliding down the vortex. I carefully erased edges to a soft opacity and then brought in several single photos and sized and distorted them to appear to be floating at different angles around the edges of the vortex toward the vanishing point. I added soft brown drop shadows to the photos with varying depths to create an appearance of being on different levels in the swirl

    For the lettering at the top, I wanted to create an effect of being washed away by the vortex to help emphasize the quickly vanishing photos. I erased the lettering slightly as they got closer to the center. I embossed and created a outer glow to compensate for the fading effect. I continued the lettering at the bottom but left it normal to create a restored impression.

    For my company I used a layer of white to outline it and set the opacity to 50% then brought my company name over with just my web address. If I display this somewhere for local public viewing I would also add my phone number but I wanted to keep it simple for this challenge purpose. I added an outer glow to these letters also to make them stand out better.

    That’s it. Hope you like it. I thought it was a fun challenge and a real learning experience. Good idea Ed.
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    I really, really like it DJ!! You did a fantastic job! Congrats!



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      Dj, Fantastic job! It has broad appeal and is interesting to look at. Grabs the attention. Like the way the business info is presented also. Tom


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        Thanks guys. I'm glad my intentions came across in the ad. It was a fun challenge.


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          Wow! That's quite a piece of work! Really eye-catching, and you got your point across very well. Neat idea. That should get people thinking about what they have in their damp basements or overheated attics.



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            i think that's really effective. great job.

            i did wonder if the "vortex" was any bit inspired by ed's offering


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              Thanks for the nice comments both of you.

              Funny you should say that, I finished it and thought gee, I could have put that swirl in the toilet instead of on a wall.

              You had a great idea. I really had fun with it and I can use it for this business.


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                That is soooo creative!
                It gives exactly the feel you were going for, makes me want to get all my photos on disk right away! SAVE SAVE SAVE!


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                  Thanks Jill,
                  It really made me think about what ad designers have to think about and then how to present it to get that message across in the quickest possible way but leave an impression doing it. Makes me glad I don't have to come up with these ideas all the time.
                  Thanks for your encouraging comments. I'm so thrilled with the resonse everyone has given me. You guys are a real shot in the arm for someones self esteem.


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                    Since we're in a hurricane state of mind down here at this time of year, I couldn't help but envision a storm destroying someones priceless memories.Did you have something like that in mind?Really made me want to start getting to work and start preserving some irreplaceable photos. I feel like the family repository for all of the old family photos at times. Anyway, your ad really sent me a wake-up call. I remember asking a friend once who was in the ad business what motivates someone and he said fear among other things.


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                      Standing and applauding at my computer. Great work DJ.

                      You should grab a sideline doing ad design... you do very very well at it.

                      Nice Job!!!


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                        Wow thanks Chris and Paulette. That was so nice.

                        Yes I was thinking of how I put all my priceless items in a safe area in my house when hurricanes come and my photos are one of those priceless things.

                        As for doing ads, I think if I had to produce things like that every day I wouldn't be able to. It was hectic enough trying to meet this challenge.

                        I am happy with what finally came out of it but to tell you the truth it was a decision formed the minute the backgrounds went on. I was working on something totally different at the time. Glad I changed my mind. I have printed it up and will use it as an ad since it seems to be going over so well. Thanks again for all your encouraging words.


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