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  • Laminating

    I am wondering about the Pro's and Con's of laminating certain types of photo prints, anyone out there want to fill me in about the particulars of technique,equipment etc.? Thanks in advance, Tom

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    I wouldn't think it was archival unless places like Light Impressions carry it. (got my new catalog in the mail today, but haven't read it yet)
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      Got mine also.( I just Love it when the toy catalogues arrive!) There is some stuff listed but I am unfamiliar with the technique, etc. I am interested in it for a couple of reasons, one being I know nothing about it and second as applied to using it for wallet photos and for prints of restored photos which would be displayed in areas of high humidity etc. Tom


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        Well, I don't know that anyone in Vietnam worries about archiving, but they do laminate all of their photos. If they don't, the photos turn moldy within a year. So, in that case, lamination is a form of preservation. I guess it's all a matter of perspective. -Jeanie


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          For what it's worth, here's a couple of laminating products I found.

          Laminating Sheets

          Laminating Machine
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            Akj, Interesting links, especially the machine. That looks about Ideal for wallet sized photos,trading cards and such and the price looks pretty reasonable. Thanks, Tom


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              Jeanesia, After around a year or so how do the laminated photos look? Does the laminating material begin to fog or discolor? Do the photos show any signs of deterioration which might be attributed to acids leaching from the laminate? Tom


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                Tom, To be honest, I haven't looked at any of the photos closely (not with the eye that I would now). From a distance of about 3 feet, the photos look fine after 3 years. If they are well sealed, then moisture cannot get to the photos, so there is no mold. And I haven't noticed discoloration, but like I said, I haven't looked for that either. All in all, the photos seem to hold up pretty well. The laminating material itself also looks fine - no fogging (unless it wasn't well sealed to begin with, in which case it's caused by moisture.) -Jeanie


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                  The only things I ever noticed with laminating was where the edges are tend to get gummy and dirt gets in to the edges of the photos. I would say cut a liberal edge when laminating. Some of the photos I had to do that were carried in a mans wallet were 40 years old and the damage was around the edges of the photo where dirt got under the lamination but the photos themselves were still good considering. Also if the lamination gets scratched then so does your photo because you will never get it out of there. Scanners pick up those marks too.


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                    Back in highschool (after they got rid of the rock and chisels) our IDs were in a kind of pouch that was heat-sealed on all 4 sides (I know this because I had a nifty little forgery business going on).

                    No glue, nothing physically stuck to the photo (although I'm sure anything can adhere given enough time).

                    But perhaps this could be a way to go?
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                    Take responsibility for learning


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                      Sounds like a much better way of doing things but I haven't heard of that lately. Maybe cost wise it wasn't the big seller that laminating was. I imagine someone has information on that process. It would be good to know. Especially down here in Florida, the "mildew" capital of America.

                      Sounds like you were quite the entrepreneur back then Doug.


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