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  • Volume of Work Poll

    Ok, we all know that there's work out there. But how much work is out there?

    Lets complete a poll and see the type of volume, being number of jobs not price we get per month, on average please.
    0 to 10
    11 to 30
    31 to 50
    51 to 100
    101 plus, we wish

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    I'm curious what people think as to how important having a website is to attract work? Of those getting lots of projects per month, do you have a website? What are your primary modes of advertising? Which are most successful?

    Thanks very much,


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      I'm not one of those attracting lots of work, but most of my work is word of mouth. Retouching is a small part of my business, which is probably why I don't get a whole lot of it.

      Most of my retouching comes when someone has died, and their friends want to do something special for a funeral. They bring me old pictures, and I work several of them up, and scan in the rest, and they make a large colage out of it. People who have seen this at one funeral, come and ask if I'll do it for another.



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        Originally posted by tyeise
        do something special for a funeral.Tyeise
        A business source I had not thought of, thanks for the tip...skip


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          Funny, this poll it's from 2002, and I'm the only one with more than 100.

          For us, (my coworkers) it's easy think that we retouch, repare or manipule 20 pics a day.

          Of course there are mayor jobs, or arthistic jobs, but if you work in a Newspaper, you deffinitly have a lot of job to do every day.


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            I do a few large jobs every month... but there is always room for more

            and just to comment on studioj "but if you work in a Newspaper, you deffinitly have a lot of job to do every day."... media images can only be corrected for color, size, exposure, etc.... not content. So if there is images to be done, it is mainly to go to press.


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              Well, of course, but I don't correct pics for press, I mean, not like a new's pic. I make ads, I remove backgrounds, enhance products photos, cut, paste, a lot of things. Not just adjust colors... I WISH!.


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                Re: Volume of Work Poll

                I clicked 11-30 though I consider this a very low estimate. I do many simple color and tonal corrections on a daily basis so I did not count these. what I did count was more complex correction, difficult retouches and restorations.


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                  Re: Volume of Work Poll

                  Im one of 3 inhouse retouchers at an advertising agency, and its pretty hit or miss. 1 week Ill come in and be crazy busy and other Ill come in and do nothing...

                  eh, thats the world of advertising


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