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    I have several clients that need their images for print the next morning or the same day. It would be much easier to send the images when completed as an email attachment. At 300 dpi there is always a problem, either they get compressed or the just take forever to upload. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is 300 dpi unnessary for an image that will be published no larger than 5 x 7? I work on a Mac if that makes a difference.

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    Hi Anthony. What I do for showing proof to my clients should work for you in this case. I have some photo galleries at . I have set up one of the galleries as private and upload the image to that gallery. You could do the same and the customer could simply view and download the image from there. I pay a small fee of twenty some-odd dollars per year for 100 meg of gallery space.


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      Thank you Kevin. That was very helpful. I will register and see how well it works out for me.


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        Anthony my Epson 1270 does a great job at 200 ppi.


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          I'm sorry, I didn't even address your second question. Gland is right you don't always need 300. It really depends on who is going to be doing the printing and what they will use to print with. I sometimes print at 150 and below, but I use Qimage Pro to print with to my Epsons. The customer may have the 300 requirement or they may be using a service that is requesting it. It could also just be a matter of perception. In any case I would send my customer at least 300 DPI, but I would still not be happy knowing someone else was going to print my work and possible not get the results that I would demand of myself.