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  • Answering my own question!

    Jak - I found this bit of information that explains WM's position ...PPA can't give anyone copy authorization - only point them in the direction of the copyright owner.

    Retailers Get Copyright Reminder Before Holiday Rush

    As retailers ramp up for the holidays, Professional Photographers of America is reminding them of the importance of adhering to copyright law.

    PPA recently issued a letter to retailers that offered a refresher on copyright and provides a solution when consumer won't take no for an answer. "Many times consumers come into a store to have a copy made and have no idea about copyright law or who to contact for permission," says PPA Director of Copyright Al Hopper. "That's why we've offered to assist retailers by acting as a photographer locator service."

    PPA's Copyright Owner Locator Service prevents consumer backlash against photographers by using the association's resources to help the consumer find the rightful copyright owner. According to the association, this service is to everyone's advantage. Consumers can legally request reprints, the true copyright owner has an opportunity to make a sale or grant permission to make the copy and the pressure on store associates to make an unauthorized copy when pressured by a customer is reduced.

    The companies that received the letter ranged from giant chains like Wal-Mart and Kinko's to smaller operations -- but they all share a common thread. "Each of the retailers who received this letter were the subject of a copyright infringement report in the last year," says Hopper. "By diligently tracking past infringements, PPA can be pro-active in the copyright fight."

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    If you do not know who the photographer of an image is, and the client wishing you to do a retouch/restoration is unsure, can you remove legal blame from yourself by having the client sign a waiver stating that they accept any and all legal fallout if a copyright issue arises?...
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    Another interesting Copyright question
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    Copyright Powerpoint presentation
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    There should be PPT viewers for your browser

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    Poor Mans Copyright
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