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White cotton gloves

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  • White cotton gloves

    Does anyone have a good (cheap) source for white cotton gloves of a grade that won't scratch negatives? I priced them at Light Impressions and was shocked at the price.

    Can they be effectively washed, or does that kind of miss the entire point of using them to begin with?
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    Doug, not sure about over there - but try your local grocery store/supermarket etc (in the dishwashing section with the rubber gloves etc).

    Very cheap, one size fits all packs of two or three pair are available for a couple of dollars. They can be washed and reused too, even at the throw away price one need not toss them out after one use but they will not last forever.

    Even with the thin cotton used, it is amazing how much sensitivity is lost with them, which is where disposable rubber surgical type gloves may be a better option.

    Stephen Marsh.


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      I always purchase mine through Light Impressions and wash them as needed...never had any problems. Tom


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        Maybe try B&H Photo? I just tried their site and it appears to be experiencing "technical difficulties", but they would probably be cheaper than Light Impressions.

        That said, I've always ordered the Polygenex gloves from Light Impressions. They fit my hands much better than any cotton gloves I've ever tried.



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          Looks like I'll be buying from LI and washing them
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            We have bought cotton gloves by the gross, we and our wedding customers wear them when looking through there photos, so we go through a lot of them. Check out these two links;

            We have purchased from both of these companys, they have been excellent.

            Work Gloves/Safety Glasses/Disposable Coveralls/Safety Vests/Rainwear at Galeton

            Although I have never used them I have heard that some people at labs really like the little finger tip protectors instead of gloves, they are available from Loon.



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              Excellent! Thank you very much.
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                We were buying them from Loon as well Doug, however I picked up a gross of them on eBay at less than a third of the cost a few months back and still see them listed from time to time listed by the dozen pair.

                Jim Conway


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                  Good tip, Jim, thanks
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                    I buy mine from 'Boots' or a chemist shop in England - found this cheaper than a photographic store

                    Never had a problem washing them.

                    hope this helps



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                      I'm one of those that prefer finger cots. I've worn gloves for years and can use them easily, but I seem to lose less sensitivity with finger cots and they aren't as "slippery". I can also do other things while wearing them, while with gloves I have to take them off for certain other tasks. I only wear them on the thumb and 1st two fingers of each hand, which leaves my other fingers and fingernails free.

                      With gloves, you have to be careful because they'll soak up skin oil and end up depositing it on your work. Not so with finger cots. Although they do tend to get sweaty and nasty inside and have to be changed often, the sweat and skin oil never leaks through to your work...


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                        personally, i use those litte "mini condoms" or "finger cots" or rubber fingertips and buy them in large bags. Cheap. Disposable. No waiting to handle media because I forgot to do laundry last night.


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