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  • Distressing photos

    How's that for grabbing attention? I am refering to a peculiar trend I have been noticing which entails taking a perfectly good photo and purposely giving it an aged and mildly abused look--exactly the opposite of what we usually do. Has anyone else out there encountered a demand for "instantly aged" photo's? I have had a few Wedding shots and portraits which the clients have wanted this done to and it actually looks pretty good! Any comments or input? Tom

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    Deja'vu, I could have sworn I just read this in a recent challenge.

    OK Tom we all know you got that flaming pear filter and are dieing to make use of it.

    Sounds good. Just had to pick on your love of things old.


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      Just to be fair, I had sort of thought of holding off entering anything until there were a bunch of entries--the filters do give an unfair advantage and I dont want to discourage anyone. I am wondering if there is a potential market out there for this kind of image manipulation. Tom


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        Just yesterday I had a customer call me asking if I did vintage photos like they do at amusement parks. I told them to look for photographers and see what they say. I do believe there is a market for it but I think it might not look right if the people in the pictures are dressed in twenty first century clothing. So I'm not sure how to get around that.


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          Surely in the US 'stove pipe' hats are still the norm or have I been misinformed !


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            Actually, by using the "antique" type filters, modern clothing styles dont seem out of place. I'm sure there is some psychological factor involved in that if the photo looks old and worn, the events depicted must be also or something to that effect. Chris, I gave up wearin' stovepipes, lampshades and the like after I put on a genuine Coonskin hat and the critter the skin was attached to bit me. Tom


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              Okay I gotta fess up. I used to make the old time photos at festivals, etc. I used an old 8 X 10 view camera, and had a bunch of new "old" clothes. The only place I really made money with it was at the state fair. The interest is there for people, but how would you advertise that sort of thing? Your target audience would probably be much younger than with the people considering restorations. (I think).


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                TG & Ed

                Didnt I see you two in a John Wayne film years ago selling a Universal Cure All off the back of a covered wagon ?


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                  I don't know about Tom, but I'd just as soon forget about that part of my life, Pilgrim.



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                    Yep....Had to use all the stock to get the tar and feathers off. Then I took up Yak rustling with similar results.Most of the folks I've done the "antiquing" work for have been in their 20's---seems like there is a nostalgic trend beginning to show in popular thought. Perhaps ad's specifically targeting that aspect would draw some attention. Tom


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                      When I used to do 'wet' photo processing years ago there was a photo paper called 'Record Rapid' by Agfa and it was much used by 'arty' types in the job as it gave a very subtle sepia tone to monochrome work. I used it for landscape work but I think its long gone now.
                      Used to get asked for sepia toning at times but in those days it was a case of 'boy get the ***** sepia toner off the shelf some *****customer is being difficult !

                      Happy Days........


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                        I still have toning stains under my fingernails after all these years. Is that hypo I smell? No its not my turn to mix.


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