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  • CD based Slide shows

    Has anyone played around with producing a CD slide show of peoples photos either for a digital album or for Holiday gifts? I ran across a nifty little program which makes an auto run CD slide show and the response from the public has been encouraging. Tom

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    I haven't done it, but would you give us a little more information on the program please? It sounds like it could be pretty good.



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      Yes Tom, what is the program. You've got my interest. It definitely sounds like a good service to offer.



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        It's called " Digital Slide Show" and although the documentation with it is a little weak, there is enough info to get you up and running. It does require that the format of the photos be Jpeg, so some sort of batch converter is nice to have although not absolutely necessary.... Follow the link for more... Tom


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          Thanks for the info Tom. At $19.95, and a free 60 day trial, it's pretty hard to go wrong. Thanks again.



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            Hi all.
            I tried the demo and it seems like a simple easy to use program. Wish there was more control on type styles and the transitions can be a little much, but all in all a good thing for $20 bucks.

            I have used Photo Recall which is also good but not cheap.



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              Usually if you have a digital camera, doesn't the software that comes with it have the slide show feature? Our Epson does.


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                The main feature of this particular program is the ability to put together an auto run CD based slide show which any one with a PC could use to view the images without having to install any special software. I think most of the digital cameras have a slide show routine but I am not sure if they allow autorun CD's to be made in them. Tom


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                  I never tried it myself so I can't say how it works but I remember Dave had it set up to keep flicking through a file of photos and appear as a screen saver would automatically.


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                    Hi all

                    I put some of my restoration before and afters in a file. It was a quick way to disply them . As of yet I haven't put them on cd but it could be a good quick way to show your work to someone.


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                      I just finished putting together a CD based slide show presentation for the local Historical Society and they seemed very pleased with it. Easy to run..just pop in the CD and off it goes. The timing can be altered to allow either automatic changes or manual changing of the photos. The program also includes the software to allow web based presentations and a routine to run a slide show on your own computer. Its kinda neat...Bob, I think your idea about a before and after type slide show would be a great advertising method. Tom


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