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  • Copy inhibit?

    I knows this has been discussed before but I can't find the threads by searching. Is there an easy way to encode a JPG file so that it prohibits the <right-Click>? I know that there is HTML code that you can incorporate into a Web page, although I don't know how, but I would like to do this on a JPG image itself. The reason I am wanting this is that I am currently selling pictures on ebay. I have my copyright in the lower left of the images and a translucent watermark across the image in a hopefully not distracting location. I would like to continue exibiting large enough images for the potential customer to get a good look at the image.

    I may be able to edit the discription and place the copy inhibit code in that location but I'm not sure. I have noticed that some of the larger camera stores have this copy inhibit on their auction viewing page. One vendor has it set so you cannot right click anywhere on their auction page. There is a big problem on ebay of users stealing pictures of sale items to use on their auction page.

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    Don't put anything on the web and it cannot be downloaded..
    There is no way to stop the stealing of pictures. The act of viewing an image is a download and is saved in the viewers cache folder.


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      Stolen web images thread

      Kevin -- I think this is the thread that you were looking for. There are some techniques listed there that can help, but as Trimoon said -- anything on a web page can be taken by viewers.

      *(Clare listed Javascript to disable right click downloads in a post on page 3.)
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        Hi Steve. I guess your right about there not being a real fool-proof method of stopping someone from copying the iamges from a Web site. Thanks CJ that was the thread I was looking for. I have read most of what was discussed on Clair's problem. It seems that there are several steps to make it harder for someone to get your images but not a real was to stop them.

        I guess I will have to use the watermark on all my images and also not post the larger images I really want to use because I think the bigger the image the better the detail of the images shows through. I now know why most of the sellers for pictures and fine art only display very small (420x300) images. To me you really can't see the detail that makes the image so desirable. Oh well, I will post one of the images with my watermark and you guys can tell me if you think it is enough to discourage thieft.

        Your right photomauler it is kind of frustrating. The trend these days with all the music and video sharing on the Web people think that it is OK to do that kind of thing. Sad.
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          Are you trying to stop people from using your image on their own eBay pages - or from stealing it in general? I think just the word "copyrighted" could apply to anyone, so you probably want to put "Copyright Restored Memories" or something to identify yourself as the copyright holder. I don't find what you have there too distracting, but as you're well aware, if someone wants it, they'll figure out a way to remove it.

          Frustrating, huh?



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            Hi Jeanie. I am trying to stop someone from helping themselves to steal my pictures. I don't think someone would be brave enough to try and sell my picture on ebay. They would lose their membership on ebay if caught.

            I thought that because I have the regular copyright at the lower left corner that just the word copyrighted would be OK as the watermark. Maybe I should change it to simply say Restored Memories. Thanks for the input.


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              Kevin, this is a thorny subject...

              For the 'thumbnail' images, there are perhaps some visible and invisible methods which may help or give the appearance of help. <g>

              I would continue with the visible copyright notice and the visible watermark.

              Image pixel count is a tough one, the larger the image the easier it is for someone to repurpose without paying for the original - but you want to give your image justice to sell it. Perhaps use a dithered GIF for the large thumbnail, dropping some quality - and have some larger pixel count JPEG crops of key areas for examination, which would be useless in themself.

              I would look into adding Photoshop metadata such as Photoshop file info data and IPTC data - including copyright, author, keywords etc. An action can be created recording all this info and then it can be applied to your images. You may even want to look into the supplied DigiMark plugs with Photoshop for help in protecting your rights. These digital methods may deter some folk.

              Adobe Acrobat PDF is a good cross platform option, there are security options - passwords, view but not copy/print/import etc.

              Stephen Marsh.


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                Hi Kevin

                If you really want to show more detail you could have a small portion of the image enlarged, call it 'image detail'. I think the size of the image is fine though (but I havn't seen how good it gets larger, either).

                I agree with Jeanie, put your name on it large. I also see nothing wrong with running it over the bottom half of the flower. The way it is now I could make a pretty picture with just cropping ...



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                  Thanks Stephen and Roger. Those are some good ideas to work with. I'll take a look at incorporating something like you described. It's sad that you have to think about these things.


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