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    Hi everyone!

    1st, what an awesome site! Your challenges are a great, I look forward to playing with them. I’ve also skimmed your forums and must say that the folks that contribute are all so helpful. Good job.

    After a couple of years of soul searching (I have this mid-life crises thing going on), I’ve come to realize that restoration and retouching is something that I seriously want to make part of my life. It combines the things that I’m passionate about with my natural talents so perfectly. But if something seems this great, there’s a major draw back, right?? My guess is that as more and more people take this up, the less money you’ll be able to get for your work, until it no longer becomes a viable career. I’ve been there before. It’s not much fun. Anyway, I’m going to the library to gather information to put together a business plan to help me decide if this is truly an option for me. Some of the things I need to find out are:

    How much can I expect to make doing this full time?
    What is the current need for this work?
    What is the future outlook?

    If anyone knows of any good resource material I could turn to, it would be greatly appreciated. If you want to throw out your views on the topic, feel free to.

    One last thing, I’ve put some images on the web. If you want, take a look and let me know what you think. I’m still a novice, so any input is welcome. It’s obvious by two of the colored images that flesh tones give me headaches. But I will figure it out someday.


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    Welcome Bill!

    I will get right to it. Yes and No, Wonderfull and Terrible.

    We are all learning, no matter what I learn there is more that is a mystery. With your talent and attention to detail (which is exceptional, you have tried some things that few attempt - did you paint mom's head in from scratch?) you will draw the kind of customer and work that it is at your skill level, so don't worry about your ability, just keep learning. Lack of expierience will only mean that it will take you longer to do a good job, not that the job won't be good.

    On the question of business ... it may take you as long to figure out what methods of getting business work the best for you and the area you live in as it does to become really expert in this field. I am not an expert, just advanced, but there are a few on this site that are experts. Most of us are just really good at some things, and we are constantly learning.

    The bottom line is that the cream rises to the top and it takes time, both for the art and the business. When you are accomplishing what your competition wouldn't attempt (with-in the time frame you quote - remember it is ok to quote a long time, it means it is a harder job, it's just not ok to be in the habit of being late), and then educating the customer, you will build your clientelle and demand the money that you believe you are worth.

    IMO, the three resource books are well worth having to answer the questions when you need the answers;

    Also be sure to look throughtsome of the past business threads, there are some good ideas.

    Hope this helps some,


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      Just wanted to add that "PS Restoration & Retouching", Katriin Eismann's book is in second edition and is out in most book stores. A couple stores I have seen are displaying the first edition, green cover. Be sure and look for second edition, red cover.

      Last edited by Bob Walden; 08-19-2003, 08:14 AM.


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        Thanks for the reply. To answer your question, no I didn’t paint it in. Luckily I had her original jaw in the oldest picture. So I just cut out her head and placed it behind the old photograph. I created a negative image of her hair to turn it from gray to brunette. The eyes were the hardest. After removing her period glasses from the blurry newer photograph, there wasn’t much left for eye detail. I assumed the young man on the right had his mother’s eyes, so I copied them and blended them into the lady’s eye sockets. Nothing like a little artistic license!!!

        Thanks for your suggestions for reading materials. I have 2 of the 3 books so I know I’m doing ok gathering the right info. In fact, Eismann’s book is how I found the website. I will go through the posts as you suggested. I see that there are a few that will definitely help.


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          Hello Bill,

          Welcome aboard. In case you haven't heard of S.C.O.R.E., following is a short paragraph from their site:

          "Explore SCORE
          SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit association dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with free, confidential face-to-face and email business counseling. Business counseling and workshops are offered at 389 chapter offices across the country."

          This is a great resource, and they will help you in many ways to get your business off the ground, and on the right track. The website is located at . There are chapters throughout the U. S., and you can get one-on-one counseling. It's hard to believe you can get so much help free of charge. Best of luck.



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