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Who are the pros in Houston?

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  • Who are the pros in Houston?

    I have a photograph from a family reunion a few years back that was taken with a disposable panorama camera. The 3 photos were taken at twilight and the prints are too dark.

    I have the negatives and I'd like to know who in Houston could tell me if these can be saved.

    I'd like to be able to enlarge these to ~8" x 24" or something like that.


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    Sorry I can't help you find someone, but could you possibly scan the image and post it for us? Possibly someone here could fix it for you. Welcome to the best site on the 'net!



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      Hi Keith
      Welcome aboard. I know we have a few members in the Houston area but I can't remember who all they are. Chris W is from Texas but I don't recall if it's Houston. You could upload a copy of these photos an we could all give you some idea of how to fix them or where to go. All you have to do is save them for the web and at the bottom of the reply dialog box is the attach file just make sure they don't go over the size limit listed there or you will have to down size and do it over.


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        Welcome Keith!!!

        I'm in the hill country so not real close to Houston, but here's a link to a site that's by Houston and they seem to do pretty good work.


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          Thanks Chris!

          I talked to Jon at Keepsake Video.

          He recommended finding a quality photo developing lab and seeing if a better print can be done from the negative, first.

          I guess I'll try Ritz Camera. I don't know of any independants in this area (NW Houston). I'll ask around at work.

          DJ & Ed,

          I scanned the picture on Friday but it's poor quality. I think I'll try to get a better quality print, first.

          If the problem with the print is due to the shot conditions and not just poor developing then my next step will be to find a place to
          scan the negative and start working with that.

          Thanks again.
          I'll keep y'all posted!



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            Hope you get it worked out. We'll be looking for your results