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  • Working by mail, email questions - LONGwinded

    I haven't yet launched my venture, but will have to do so pretty soon. Unfortunately, it also looks like I'll have to leave a largish metropolitan area and move to a much smaller city very soon: I simply cannot afford the rents here, and we have to get out of our place.

    Now, when putting together my virtual business "plan" (strictly in my head, with frequent updates), I'd figured on getting some business via mail, but most by making local housecalls. Was not seriously contemplating walkins, and would much rather do my own scanning in most cases, so wasn't really thinking email either.

    I hadn't worked out the best procedure for mailorder, but figured USPS Registered, Insured or Express - something with tracking, anyhow.

    In a much less metropolitan region (and not a particularly prosperous one at that), I really doubt enough local business could be generated to earn my keep. Perhaps I'm overly pessimistic, but ...

    So, to finally get to the point, how do you handle this? How do you deal with mail orders (or don't), and e-orders (or not), etc.?