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    What company do you use for web hosting and what is your opinion of them?

    Thanks in advance for your input


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    I use DreamHost and so far (Almost 2 years already? holy crap) I'm very happy with them. I have an extremely large site, and they have been good to me..


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      A couple of clients' sites that I have worked on used Earthlink, and they were very happy with the service. It is easy to manage and allows you to keep track of your Web site statistics so you can measure how many people visit your site and which pages are the most popular and so on. They also provide password protection, several mailboxes, a good amount of space even at the starter level, and design software to build your site if you don't have any. They have several packages with various options to suite your needs including ecommerce.

      I am curious to hear what others have used as well. This should be a good thread.


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        I use Powweb for my site. Very affordable and big enough for my humble needs. I have been using them for just over a year now with virtually no problems.


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