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    This is my first time in these forums so please forgive me for any slips in ettiqute. I am teaching a digital photography class and a high school, this is the first time the class has been taught at the school. The students will be spending a large amount of time attempting a photorestoration design project. I would like to make this project has realistic as possible, ie having them go out and find "clients" ext. I was wondering if anyone could share a sample contract for a photorestoration job. Any other tibits or pearls of wisdom you could share about dealing with client would also be appreciated.

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    I'd be glad to help. It would be easier if you asked some specific questions though.

    I also taught a photo restoration class (continuing ed at a university). I have a freelance business, and work in a studio. You can also check out my website by clicking on the www button below.


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      Thank you for your reply. I want my students to write up a contract to give to their clients, as part of a carrer education slant on the photorestoration project. I have never professionaly done any photo restorations and was hoping someone could provide me with a sample. Or am I off base with the whole contract thing. I suppose for most jobs it would be unnessseary.


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        I can't say that I've ever given a client a "contract". What sort of contract would you imagine there would be? By "client" to you mean a lab, or an individual?
        I guess I'm just not clear on where you're coming from.


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          Thank you for your patience. I by client I meant the individual whom they be performing the restoration for. As for the contract; I thought that maybe when undertaking a complex restoration job a contract would be written up explaining the hourly cost of labor (or flat fee) plus what can be expected from the restoration. I know that a limit of liability contract was made at the lab that I worked at whenever a role of film or photographs where taken in. However, since this does not seem to be a common practice I will find some other way to introduce the business side of photo restoration to my students. Thanks again for your responses. I will let the forums know how the class progresses.


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            Hi, some have a limit of liability in case of loss or damage. Ours is stated on our price list.

            We have an implied contract in that the work to be done is spelled out as appropriate for the job on the invoice and the customer pays a deposit of half, and receives a copy of that invoice. Since no one would give us money without agreeing to the invoice as printed it is implied.

            Since all of our work is gaurenteed and we receive balance due on delivery it has never been a problem. It also states on our price list that once an order leaves our studio return is at our option (because of the possibility of copying the restoration). Normally we would offer to fix something if they were not happy but not to give a refund.

            There are some good business threads in the business section of this forum that you might want to read through for more ideas on 'business' things you could cover in the class.

            Good luck with the class, it sounds like fun. You have me wondering - there are alot of things to cover and areas to practice with in restrations, you could address some business concerns without making it a major part of the class - you would not run out of things to do...



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              As crazy as it sounds, I've never had a customer discuss their expectations much farther than "can you fix this?".
              This is a typical scenario:
              Customer stops in store (they usually have the image(s) with them.)
              They usually described what they would like done. In most cases I tell them it can be fixed, and to what degree.
              Depending on the type of image, whether or not a copyright release is needed or not.
              Most times they are looking to have a small image enlarged, which I discourage, and they are fine with that.
              I then discuss the price, which in my case is calculated by me as either mild, moderate, or extreme. I quote a firm price which includes everything, including a print (mounting and matting are extras).
              In 98% of the cases, price is really the last thing people bring up.
              Customers pay 50% as a down payment.
              People never ask, but I do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
              I close the transaction with an estimate of the delivery date.
              I'm not sure if this was of any help as it doesn't sound as structured as you mentioned.
              Another member here, Jim Conway, would probably be able to give you a different scenario, more to situation, but I believe he's off on vacation now.


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