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    Does anyone out there give "sprcials" or freebies to customers to promote your business? How do you handle it, especially since you really dont want everyone to think this is a normal business practice and thus be swamped with folks wanting the old "something for nothing" treatment. Tom

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    Sometimes but informally

    So far only to people refered by family or friends and then only a small break. I have also tried to give a break to someone who has a large job, say 20 photos or more, for me to do since I don't get those often and they do pay my bills when I do. I'm not big enough to do much more than that. Even my family and friends who get my services free still gladly compensate me for my materials. I figure as my time becomes more in demand I can hold to my prices more diligently.


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      Good question Tom. I don't see anything wrong with offering a "sale" or a "special" from time to time. Debbie mentioned that she might give a break for a big job, and that's where I think it could be a good idea, especially for someone who is trying to give their business a shot in the arm. If you could go to a meeting of a genealogy club and offer a special to the club for a certain number of restorations, it could be a good thing. It's not beyond the realm of possibilities that you could wind up with a good number of restorations from offering a break on pricing. But when you offer specials, you'd better know your limits on what kind of deal you can offer.

      Another thing that might be considered is "who" you are making the offer to. Let's say that Julia Roberts is from your home town, and she comes home quite frequently. If there was reason for you to think she might be interested in a restoration, you might offer a really nice framed restoration at no cost to her. It might cost you $100.00, but being the one to have done a restoration for Julia Roberts wouldn't exactly make you look bad in the public eye. This example is pretty far fetched, but I think you can see what I'm talking about.

      I also remember suggesting that offering a free restoration to the pastor of a Church might not be a bad idea. It wouldn't *exactly* be free. Let's say you did a restoration of his mother, who is deceased. You could make a large framed restoration, which would be displayed in a high traffic area of the Church, and it would remain there, along with your business cards for a specified period of time. A smaller "before" example could be displayed with it. After the display time has passed, the restoration becomes his property. Just some rambling thoughts.



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        You are definately well versed in business 101. As usual, excellent suggestions on when to cut deals and how to profit from the loss in the long run. Now if I could only find that one big name celebrity, I'd be set for life.


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