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  • Dependent on Business?

    I was just wondering if anyone here is dependent on the restoration business as their main source of income. How much do you depend on the business (if at all) for a living?


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    I don't think I could depend on it for sole support or I would be begging in the streets to supplement my meager income. Right now it's still in the hobby that pays status.


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      At this point I could not do restoration full time. As a lab tech I am seeing more interrest but customers as asking why it is so expensive. They see the ads for $39 from the Osco and Wal-Marts. All we can do is say you usually get what you pay for.

      I enjoy doing the restorations so I almost consider it a hobby. Lots of satisfaction in saving a memory.


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        I find that straight restoration work wont produce much income around here, so I diversify by doing reprints, albums and such. Tom


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          I couldn't survive on my income from this. However, I haven't put any effort into marketing or sales. I don't advertise or promote my business, most find me by word of mouth or by accident. At this point in time, I'm not able to handle a full blown business, but I do plan to head in that direction. Still, I doubt if this could ever be profitable enough to be considered "income".


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