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    I'm sure all of you have done restorations for friends and probably like me you find it awkward charging them for it. I'm finding that I'm spending a lot of time and resources doing jobs for friends.Just taking the printing into account I'm losing money on the deal without the cost of my time. But when they ask how much my head gives way to emotion and I usually say "don't worry about it". I've just received another job from a friend and by the looks of the restoration I'm going to spend quite a few hours on it, the prints are going to have to be mailed to the US but I hate asking for the money. How do you all handle this sort of situation?

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    Hi, Look on page three of this forum for the thread entitled-" Drawing the Line"--that should give you some pointers. Deciding how much or even if to charge friends / family for work is a touchy situation, but consider this: Your time and skills are not inconsiquential. You have spent much time and money to get where you are. Charging for your talent and time is not unreasonable and materials definately should be charged for. If someone feels that you should do the work for nothing, perhaps they should be advised that you are really too busy right now and that they should look else where to get the work done if they are in a hurry. If pressed, I would simply quote a price to cover material and associated costs. Take it or leave it. Someone who doesnot wish to fairly compensate you for your time, materials and skills, is not a true friend, but a manipulator or cheapskate or both. You dont need that type of customer or "friend" for that matter! Just my rambling, anti-social thoughts. Tom


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      Tom and I were looking for the same thread at the same time. If you don't know how to get to page 3, click on the work/jobs forum. At the bottom of the first page (on the right side) you will see that there is more than one page for this forum. Simply click on the page you want. You can access all the older threads from there, and there is a lot of information available.



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        Thanks I'll check it out,I'm interested to see what everybody's opinion is. I'm far too soft with people I know.


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          I usually just ask that they cover the materials and I donate my services. All my friends and family are more than happy to help me defray the costs. They know what I do is quite alot of time and skill and the cost of materials and shipping if it entails that can get quite costly so they are happy to help me out that way. They usually offer to pay the full charge so it's not being cruel to say "I don't mind doing the work but would you mind just covering the materials?" You'll be surprised at the response you get and you won't have this delemma any longer.


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            Hmmmmm, do you consider me your friend?



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