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Pop Photo's 2004 Digital Wizard Contest

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  • Pop Photo's 2004 Digital Wizard Contest

    So you think you're good with image-editing software? A creative genius when it comes to Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Picture It! and others? Here's your chance to prove it with Pop Photo's 2004 Digital Wizard Contest. You could win the $1,000 grand prize and have your work published in the magazine! (There are cash prizes for runners-up!)

    Download the 12 photos in the Digital Wizard Contest file, and then work your magic. You have to use elements from at least four of the shots in our digital dozen. You can't add any other images, but you can apply any filters or plug-ins that your software can handle. ~Popular Photography
    For more information visit the Popular Photography web site .

    It's a great opporutnity to show off your manipulation skills. Best of luck!
    Deadline for entries is 1 April 2004!

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    For info...

    "To be eligible to enter, you must be 18 years or older at the time of entry and a legal resident of 50 United States or D.C. "

    Just to save anyone ineligible from the time spent downloading!


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      Good catch Leah!



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        I bet they get a lot of these

        only way to go...
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          Pop Photo Contest

          So who, if anyone, submitted work to the contest? I would really like to see some of the other submissions...


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            I went with a whimsical approach and used five of the photos...
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              Nicely done Rondon! I like the world inside of the mouth with the onlookers peering in from the lip.



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                Very Nice Suprise!

                Wow, very well done! I really like the use of colors! Very uplifting!

                Mine is more of a, uh? black comedy? Don't know if that is the right word, but i'll submit now, and let you have at it.
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                  Great job seemlessly blending the photos together. I like the monotone color and I'm guessing you created the wings from the sunflower? If so, nicely done!



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                    Yeah, wings were created with sunflower pedals, type was taken from the ferry boat. I do a lot of personal work in monotones, with distressed type and cracks in the photos, so this was just a natural progression of things.


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                      Very colorful

                      The bubble spewing Daisy is neat... and the giraffe will go unnoticed at mass..
                      nice one... did you enter it ? I got a couple of flattering e-mails from someone so I did... after I give my 10% of the winnings to RTP I'll go camera hunting.
                      oh well! nice to have a dream.
                      Hi Subtle... missed your's... neat stuff.


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                        Thanks Rondon! I did enter it for fun. Of course my mother loved it and wants a large print of it for her birthday (got to love mothers)! I am looking forward to seeing the winning entries. It will be fun to see the different approaches people took, what photos they used and how they combined them.


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                          The results are in...


                          for better of for worse.


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                            The smart money says Shane will win.

                            Docle Le's should win, but it's too good.



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                              I really like Andrey Kasatsky's, Frank DiGiovanni's and Chris Mayernik's entries. I do question some of the entries though, especially since the rules stated that you could not use images other than the ones provided.
                              Last edited by T Paul; 04-23-2004, 05:45 PM.


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