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  • $50 Restoration Job


    I'm a photo restorator, but I only do it as a side thing. Right now, I'm busy, but I have a client who needs something done. I'm basically looking to outsource this job. I won't lie - I'm making a profit from this, but still, I know that work isn't easy to come by, and so I'm offering you guys the opporunity to do this job for me for $50. I would pay via PayPal.

    I will scan the image for you guys if you are interested. It's a very touch restoration: The photo is in tact, except for the lower left side, which was cut (clean cut) diagonally across. The missing corner/portion is about 9% the size of the entire photograph. The lady wants this to be 'created'. It contains the lower portion of a lady's dress, and whatever else you can 'forsee' in the background.

    I pay via PayPal.

    You must note this important piece of information: the lady will only be paying if she is satisfied with the work (you may ask why I conduct business like this, but it's a local thing, and a long story). Basically she will probably be satisfied with any decent job - all my customers have been thrilled with the work I give them - they have no idea restoration could be so good.

    So, I'm going to be conducting this as a competition - basically whoever submits something I feel as great quality, I will use that one, and show it to her. If she likes it, and pays for it, then I will pay you.

    If you feel awkward about this method, please don't try to restore it. To reiterate, I'm very sure that the customer will be happy, as long as the quality is good!

    Please reply if you are interested!

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    I would be interested in working on the project, you can send the scan to me at [email protected] and I'll see what I can do to it.

    Or post a link to download the pic from

    - Noel


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      I have scanned it and put it up at:

      It is 2 megs

      It is black and white and doesn't need to be coloured, however after you recreate the missing section, you may want to improve the contrasting, etc.

      Also please save your PSD, because I will ask for it (layers in tact, etc.) in case the customer wants a tiny change..

      Any questions, just ask.



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        To make it easier on you guys, I uploaded the same image, but I cropped and rotated it for you, so you can get to work right away on the image.


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          I just want to make a couple of comments about this - just my personal thoughts......
          This is quite the "challenge"
          I can't tell if you're getting any responses to this, but if a customer presented this to me, I would probably decline the work or suggest a cropped restoration - minus the missing area.

          If for some reason I did take the job, the cost to do the request work would be at least $175. You're talking about some major reconstruction here. Not only her dress, but her arm, hand and the background need to be recreated. It needs either some great artwork, or very meticulous cutting and pasting.

          Your second post does not really make it any easier, as cropping and rotating were the only easy parts of that fix. If someone were having a hard time with that, they're in for a lot of headaches when they start to tackle the actual restoration.

          I'm curious to see the outcome to this. Will you let us know?


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            I am unfortunately not going to be able to complete this one myself.

            The amount of work necessary is beyond a 50 dollar fee, especially when it is spec work.

            I do appreciate being allowed to try, but I wanted to be straight on it.

            - Noel


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              No problem guys. I already stated that I was going to profit on this, but my idea was that not everyone manages to get their hand on clients. This is indeed a very difficult restoration, but definitely not the hardest one I've had to do. I appreciate your honesty though.


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                To Dave,

                I lost your email, but I checked my server for the image you uploaded. Quite nice! This is about 80% of the quality I'm looking for. My main concerns are how blurry parts of it is - lower portion of forearm, bottom of laundry, and bottom of skirt (although the skirt is difficult, I know). If you could clean this up by making these parts better, as well as doing a quick bit of cleaning on the top right (good old healing aid time!) then I will probably be using your submission (the only submission I received so far).

                Your ground and shadows, lower left is perfect. The only thing I could possibly complain about is the angle - if you notice the shadows in the centre of the two women, you can notice they are going at a different angle.. but I'm just nitpicking now, the lower left is great!

                BTW, the TIF you sent me won't open up in Photoshop for me for some reason. It gives me an error about layers and composite data, but I can preview it fine in the windows preview program thing that pops up... could you upload the PSD next time?

                To Everyone else:

                If you're still interested, I took a little crack at doing this myself, and if you want a head start, you can use the file I have at:

       - if you use this one, I'd only be giving you $45, as I already started on it. You would need to remove the girl as well obviously, but this might help you if you don't know where to start.



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                  Hi Tyler

                  I made a few quick corrections and have uploaded again to your server. For some reason it is not allowing me to send PSD. Maybe sending TIFF with layers is causing some grief in PS.
                  I only took this project on to see what could be done with $50 worth of my time. I realize that others may define their worth differently. To me, I wanted to complete the restore in 1 hour and hopefully at a level that would satisfy the customer. I enjoyed the challenge. It took 1 hour 20 minutes. I've posted it here and would appreciate any feedback.
                  Should you choose to use this, please make payment as a donation to Retouch PRO.

                  Attached Files


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                    Hi Tyler Cruz,

                    I absolutely agree with Vikki in all the points she made .... and, as you might remember, I work best without "a head start" ...

                    Since nobody else has answered, I decided to post the restoration I've done.
                    Let me know if it could be satisfying for you.

                    One thing though, since I'm doing this for hobby, should you decide you like my restoration (I've saved the PSD format), I'd like you to make a Donation to RetouchPRO for the amount of money you mentioned.

                    Attached Files


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                      How about a "pass the restoration" with proceeds going to RetouchPro?

                      What if someone takes Duv's or Flora's worthy effort, adds some more effort and passes it on?

                      If the final version is accepted, the proceeds can benefit us all.

                      Just a thought.


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                        Hi Duv,

                        You must have posted your post while I was writing mine....

                        I can see we think along the same line!!!

                        Btw. great job! ... quite a challenge, wasn't it?


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                          Flora about how long did the restoration take you? Nice job. I'm afraid at my skill level I'd be making pennies per hour...


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                            Originally posted by ExclamPt
                            How about a "pass the restoration" with proceeds going to RetouchPro?

                            What if someone takes Duv's or Flora's worthy effort, adds some more effort and passes it on?

                            If the final version is accepted, the proceeds can benefit us all.

                            Just a thought.
                            Not a bad idea for a case like this ... ... The one drawback I see in it, is that for making it possible you should pass along a 50MB PSD file (such is the size of my final restoration!!!)


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                              Originally posted by Flora
                              Hi Duv,

                              You must have posted your post while I was writing mine....

                              I can see we think along the same line!!!

                              Btw. great job! ... quite a challenge, wasn't it?

                              As usual Flora, your's is fabulous! Smart move in cropping it down. How much time did you put into it?



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