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  • Everyman Photo Contest

    The Everyman believes that anyone who has ever taken pictures in their life, has taken good pictures. One of the primary differences between professional and non-professional photographers is how reliably they can get the good shot. Because, photography, like any art, is meant to capture a moment, convey a feeling, tell a story, it is erroneous to believe that in order for a photo to be effective or artistic it must have formal composition, ideal lighting or, and most importantly, be taken by a professional.
    Submissions are due by Monday October 4, 2004 @ midnight CST.
    The entries will be made available for viewing on Monday November 1, 2004.

    Results will be announced on Wednesday December 1, 2004.

    No professionals. if you have to ask if you qualify as a professional, you probably shouldn't submit to the Everyman.

    No photoshopping or other digital manipulation. this contest is about photography, not about one's expertise with a graphical application.

    International entries are not only welcome but encouraged. it's not the every 'american', it's the everyman.

    For more information visit The Everyman Web Site

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