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Advice on Archiving an Old Large Scrapbook

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  • Advice on Archiving an Old Large Scrapbook

    Hello everyone...

    Here's my situation, Im wondering how some of you would go about this...

    Im going to be archiving a couple of large old scrapbooks for someone. These scrapbooks have quite a few pictures in them that are from before and after WWII era. I havent gotten together with the person that owns them yet to get a good count of how many pics there are, but most pages have 5 or 6 pics on them and some are glued to the page so Ill have to take pages out to scan and crop. Basically Im just going to scan and save them so they will as least be saved as they are and wont fade anymore, however, if they all seem to need about the same correction, I might offer to at least make a basic correction/enhancement that I can copy to every pic.

    Im wondering if you have any ideas on how to save these on a CD (resolution size, organization, easy for her to view maybe via a slide show or on a dvd player). If you need more info Ill be meeting soon to go over how involved the project will be. Im also wondering how much you might suggest I charge for this. I know at this point it may be tough to say, but even a starting point would be helpful... keeping in mind I havent officially started any kind of business for myself yet and dont have anything set up in this regard.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas I can take to my meeting with her...



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    I would scan them 1:1 so there is no added pixelation or anything.

    Scanning around 300dpi should do that for you.

    As far as organization goes, i would title them according to the pages they were on (ie image1 pg1) or something along those lines.

    As far as how to display them, one thing I often use that works well and people seem to like is in ps there is an option export as a pedf presentation. It is a full screen slide show when the file is double clicked.

    Good luck


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      When you say scan them 1:1, do you mean just straight scan them or is there something more to it?



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        Same advice as Photo678. Scan 1:1 (100%), 300 dpi.
        As far as cost, I would break up the cost into "scan fees", and "correction fees". That way, if some photos need work and other's don't, you'll be able to calculate your cost easier. What to charge is a tough question. I would suggest you get some local prices for this type of service and adjust those fees according to the relationship you have with the individual. I've seen prices for scanning that run from $1 to $10 (probably determined by the quality of scan). You might also want to take into account the time and delicacy of working with someone elses photo albums - could be a tedious endeavour.
        Regarding files for viewing puposes, another thing to consider is what type of system the audience has. For example, if the computer is running Windows XP, there is an automatic slide show feature that can be run from the cd, no user setup needed. What extension to save in is another issue to consider. "Tif" is pretty universal, and I'd like to say "jpg" is as well, but not sure about that for MAC systems. Tif will be huge and require more processing time, more CD's, and most likely won't easily integrate into slide show software. JPG, on the other hand, is a nice size, but lossy. It should integrate seamlessly with most presentation software.


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          We have done several of these. We scan (if they are not too big) 1:1 @ 300 dpi and save as a Tiff. ID them as page 1, page 2 etc.

          We have done a few where the customer wanted the pages reprinted. To do that we opened up a page, selected the individual photos and ran (usually) a curves correction to those that needed it so we could get all the photos to print at the same time. That can get very time consuming!!

          We charge a scan fee, a fee for every CD we burn, a fee for time spent, and a fee for each print we make. For CD's and prints, the first is a bunch more than the 2nd or 3rd.

          I have never had anyone ask about making a slide show out of such a thing. They would have to have a rather large screen to view that on to make any sense of that.

          Be very careful of your time estimates, this can take days and days and days.......



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