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I want to start a resoration business

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  • I want to start a resoration business

    I've been messing around with PS for about 6 months now and I'd like to start expanding and try to make a few bucks on the side with this. I have printed some cards and am now working on my parents photos as more prtactice. I bought myself a nice printer (Epson R800) and scanner (Epson 4870). The printer is mostly for proofs for my self before I send the photos out to the pros for that. I was just hoping that anyone would have any suggestions for me to build up the business. Just as a little background. I live on Long Island in a very busy area in Nassau county (Rockville Centre)only 20 miles from NYC. So there are many people families can go to in my area. I'm not trying to compete with the big guys. And remember I've only been doing this for 6 months so there is so much more I want to learn. We do have a local paper that people take ads out in. We also have a big newspaper that covers all of the island and parts of NYC, to big I think. I've included my latest restoration and a copy of my card incase anyone has any suggestions.

    Thanx all
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    Hi Steve -- I can't offer any advice on the business end, since I'm trying to muddle my way though business startup stuff myself, but I thought I'd send a quick note to say I thought your sample restorations looked very good!

    Best wishes,


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      Thanx so much.


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        You did a fine job on cleaning up the cracks. I do notice some color issues though. Your finished image has patches of color in various areas - which really shouldn't be there as it is a b&w. Also, it's very hard to appreciate how good your work really is when there are so many jpg artifacts.

        Both of the those issues are easy to correct though. To fix the color issues, desaturate the image or convert to black and white.
        For the jpg artifacts, post a smaller image, or back off on the compression when saving.

        As for building a business and other related questions, most have already been addressed here at RetouchPro. Take a look throught the threads and you'll most likely find all the information you're looking for.


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          Thanx Vicki will do


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            Good luck with your business It takes awhile to get going. Im just now getting hits on my site! Been doing local work for about two years. Just put up my site about May of this year.
            All I can say is hang in thier.
            All the luck to you.



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