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  • Branching Out?

    Hello everyone

    I apologize if this has been previously discussed. I work a regular 40 hr a week job and part time I do digital restoration work for a local business. It keeps me busy most of the time but I would like to expand a bit. The business is a gallery of paintings, frames, custom frames etc. My question is do any of you do work for like businesses or some other places in your home town? I would like to approach photographers in town and ask if they may need my services with their work. Not necessarily restoration but maybe help with touch ups, color corrections, enhancements, or any digital darkroom work. I realize a lot of photographers already work in digital and may not need assistance but there may be some that would like to get into it with some help. I am not a photographer----I don’t have the talent---- but I’m comfortable with most of the digital darkroom techniques and I think I could helpful to someone that may want to get into it.


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    Hi MrEd1953,

    Welcome to RP!

    I'm surely the wrong person to answer your question as, for me, Photoshop is just a hobby (a very addictive one ... )

    This will be the first time I do this... I'll try to move your thread to the Work/Jobs Forum .... I'm sure somebody will help you there....


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      Thank you Flora



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        I don't do wholesale retouching work (ie: to be resold by someone else), but I was in the business of wholesaleing other products to photographers, and here's a few thoughts:

        1. Be prepared to work fast and cheap
        2. Prepare a portfolio, maybe on CDROM
        3. Make sure your portfolio work is amazing (you're going up against thousands of other retouchers worldwide)
        4. Go in person to make your pitch (otherwise, why wouldn't they just use the internet?)
        5. If they like you personally, you'll probably get some business

        Most photographers are typical small-business owners (which means more than they simply own a small business). They're pragmatic, but looking for someone that can make their lives either easier or more pleasant.
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          Thanks Doug for your reply.



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