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Violated the Unwritten Law? or what ...

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  • Violated the Unwritten Law? or what ...

    Last Saturday I posted:

    ... and not ONE person responded, even to say something rude.

    Now, I figure I must have violated the Unwritten Law or maybe even a Written Law that lurks here somewhere ...

    Yeah, it's a nosey question. But, hey, if you don't ask questions, how will you learn?

    Perhaps posting it on that Poll thread killed it, I have no clue.

    Actually, I'm thinking I should run a poll on my own website asking the same things; but I wanted to get some purely "pro" response first.

    Anyway ... will someone do me the favor of clueing me in?

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    I wouldn't sweat it, sometimes you miss, sometimes you win the lottery.

    I posted a help request awhile back I was certain would get some response and not one soul replied. I was miffed at first but the fact is, if you watch this board for awhile you realize that all the regulars are just good, helpful folks; rudeness is almost non-existant.

    I think ED has now responded to your initial post. I have a little input too but I'll post it back there.



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      Read your original post, looked at your work, its very good. But, as I don't work in your part of the world, any pricing information I gave you would be useless. As Chip says, sometimes you get a flood of response, sometimes none at all, it's nothing personal, so don't take it as such. Most people here are helpful beyond belief.


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        Also, you posted on an old thread that started two and a half years ago and has now dwindled down to a conversation between a handful of members -- most people aren't reading that thread any more and would think that whatever had been posted was just a response to that thread, which was a poll, rather than a request for information or input. If you have a specific question then it's always a good idea to post a new thread with a meaningful title -- that way people know you are there and can respond.


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          To answer your question about pricing, the only answer I can give is, whatever your market will bear.

          If you live in NYC you may get a few hundred bucks for a retouch job, depending on the complexity, whereas in a small town maybe 50.

          only you can really determine what your time is worth, what skills you have and what people are willing to pay. Call around your local area see what the market is getting for retouch jobs and price accordingly.

          Of course beware, don't plan on getting rich from this, in fact it took me 9 months to get my client base up to a decent amount that I could live off of, and I am a jack of all trades; design ,layout, high end fashion retouching, restoration etc.


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