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  • Grades Of Repair Work

    I've gather the estimates/grades of repair work from many photo repair sites over the net.

    Would you agree that this is pretty much a standard. Can restoration be broken down into these 3 basic grades?

    Grade 1

    Minor fading
    Slightly discolored
    Light specs of mold damage
    Hair-line fissures

    Grade 2

    Heavy scratch marks
    Facial area corrections
    Multiple paper wrinkles
    Moderate specs of mold damage

    Grade 3

    Large areas missing or damaged
    Large areas of face or body missing
    Significant mold damage
    Siginificant scratch marks
    Yes, 3 Stages Is Pretty Much Accurate
    Maybe 1 More Stage Would Be Accurate
    Maybe 1 Less Stage Would Be Accurate
    No, Each Job Is Very Unique

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    Three seems to be adequate without being overly complex but I have to look at every job before I estimate it.


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      Thanks Chip and others for your responses.

      I'm trying to clarify the justification of pricing for various levels of expertise required for different levels of restoration work.


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        I do the three tier grade system as well, but it's actually a replacement of my former per-hour system.

        I more or less determine what grade the photo is in by how long I believe it would take me to complete it instead of what is wrong with it. I apply that to both restoration and alteration-- # of estimated hours is what determines the grade.

        1-2 hours is grade 1.
        3-4 hours is grade 2.
        5+ hours is grade 3.

        I still offer the hourly rate for people who prefer that, and it's much better now that I've gone from $8.50/hr to $25/hr. :P


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