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  • freelancer needs price advice

    Hey hey, I finally landed a photo retouch job! I am sure I way undercut all the competition. Just want an idea what this job would really run.
    Any input would be welcome.

    OK, without actually posting my clients photo, I'll have to settle for a description.

    It's a family portrait. Three rows of people in a large room.
    Here is a list of corrections to be made.
    1. All red eye removed, glare on glasses fixed.
    2. Darken an area where one lady's dress doesn't quite cover. (Touch of burn tool here would do it.)
    3. Clone out a lock of hair on one persons forhead.
    4. A biggie here. The perspective is off due to the lenz used. The best way to do this is cut out the entire group of people. Correct the image, replace the people and clone in background to fill holes. I would guess about 5 hours to do this really well.
    5. Not sure if this is possible, but he wants the lighting in the background brightened up. I will play with levels,curves and some dodge tool, and a few other tricks. I know it's hard to tell without a photo posted what needs doing. So for the board here, leave this part out. Honestly, the photo looks fine as is.
    6. One person has eyes closed. I suggested it may be fixable using other eyes in the photo. I will do this on a seperate layer and only IF he likes the fix will I charge. So again, for the sake of this board you can leave this out.

    That's it. Any good guesses as to what this would run? I'm guessing as a ball park the whole thing will take about 6 hours. (Probably less but lets assume this long.)
    Thanks in advance.

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    You probably shouldn't bill based on the time it actually takes you, but rather the amount of time it would take a topnotch retoucher with a gun to their head. Ignoring the "topnotch" part, I'd probably bill at 2 hours, the rate I normally bill is $35/hour.

    Make sure you get firm price agreement before starting (I get payment in advance, but I'm aware that's a bit severe).
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Hi thanks,
      I was pretty close then. I WAY over estimated my time. Just about finished with this and it's taken less than half what I told my client.
      I only charge 20.00 an hour. (I know, cheap. Hey, at least I get it.)
      Oh and you betcha. Get money in hand first. Did that already. Learned about that the hard way. Twice! Stay up all night, get it done yesterday, wait a full YEAR to be paid. Naaaa, money in hand before I even turn the computer on. At least a deposit. I did tell my client it would be more but I think I'll let him know I was faster than expected. His deposit will probably cover it for me. (hoping for more work too! The delighted customer thing.)

      Thanks for the help. I don't feel too bad now. Dont' want to charge rip off prices but don't want to work for free either.


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