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epson 2200 postscript rip

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  • epson 2200 postscript rip

    I need a new color postscipt printer, (inkjet or laser) that I can use for page layout programs.
    I am looking at the epson 2200 with the postscript rip. Does anyone have experience with it and it is worth buying.

    I had an Epson 1280 with a rip which worked great on OS9, but they dont make a rip for the 1280 on OSX. I am considering the 2200 with the rip but need advice.

    I only have about $1000 to spend an a color postscipt printer what should I do?

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    You Need Power Rip X

    I have Power Rip X - it's great for proofing images, especially as you can print to different profiles.

    Click here for their website

    hope this helps...



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