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    Just curious.. when you do a restore for a customer, do you charge a seperate fee for the scanning or just include it in the total cost or, not charge at all? I charge a $5.00 scanning fee per photo / negative for the first 4, after that $2.00 per scan, and was wondering what others are doing. Thanks....Tom

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    I have been including it in the price so far. I have thought of seperating it but haven't as of yet.


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      I have a separate scanning/archiving fee, but usually waive it in my quote (and make sure they know I'm waiving it).
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        I would list it....

        I usually list everything that I am going to do. Then when I go through the pricing with the customer I have the choice as to either charge for it, or include it with something else. I try never to give anything away for free... I base this on the idea that if I do the work and give it away for free, then my work is not worth anything is it



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          Well, it depends. If I'm doing additional work, then I include it on the fee (and charge extra for any additional CD copies they want).

          If they just want them scanned, then I charge per photo. Usually about $2 or $3, with a minimum of $20. of course, this can all vary depending on the DPI, size of the file, etc. .



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            I never make a seperate charge for scanning, unless it is the only service I am providing.
            I don't understand why this would be itemized as a seperate charge. It just seems like it's part of the whole service. For most, if not all of my customers, it is a given that the photo must be scanned by me before any work can be done. No one has ever asked me for a breakdown of prices - they just want the work done.


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              Good question, Vikki. The reason I charge for scanning is that it is a time consuming operation, the equipment receives wear and tear by being used thus requiring repair/replacement at intervals and ultimately what we are selling is time besides a finished product. If one doesnot place a charge on any task done just because it is part of the service, that person is going to loose money in their business. Itemizing charges is simply good business practice as it gives the customer a total breakdown of how they are spending their money as well as giving them an idea of just how involved the restoration process is and what a multitude of skills is needed to do it correctly. Some folks dont care..others do. When figuring how much to charge for a total price, one must take into account the costs of materials, time and equipment use/wear. Look at bill from a mechanic or other service business and you will see the same concept...everything is itemized. Tom


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                I understand your point Tom, but still can't see the need to itemize. I see that as opening a can of worms. For example, if the customer is unhappy with your scanning fee, will you be willing to lower your price, or suggest that they look somewhere else? I also understand depreciation, but I don't think I would itemize that either, as it is part of the overhead that is incorporated into the cost. The only item I would be willing to negotiate/itemize is the printing. If someone wants a disk or CD to do their own printing, I would deduct that from the cost (although I have not itemized that on anything to date.) Of course I can only speak from my experiences, but the only people who seem to want a breakdown, are the people who think they can do it themselves. Once they realize the equipment, time, and experience needed, they usually give up the idea.


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                  I always tell my customers what a job will cost, total price and explain to them what that price includes as by doing this It weeds out those who want to haggle price, something I will not do. Those who want to haggle are usually never happy with the finished product and those kind of folks do a business more harm than good...especially as they like to brag about how they got such a good deal and that kind of advertising no business needs. As equipment wears out or becomes outdated, I like to not just replace it but actually upgrade in quality and function..charging a fee for the use of the equipment allows this to happen with less drain on the business cash flow. I dont itemize depreciation..except to the friendly IRS folks as that is not part of the restore/archive procedure like the physical act of scanning is. Business practices are a real pain but necesary in order to stay viable in a highly competative area. Thanks for the input ! Tom


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                    This is a pretty interesting thread, and I'm not sure what my take on it would be. I can certainly see Tom's point about having to replace hardware, and make a little extra for the time involved. But does it really matter if you charge $35.00 for the restoration, and $5.00 for the scan, or if you charge $40.00 for a restoration *and* scan? I think the only real difference is the wording used. Bottom line is the same. I do however, think if the scan is not itemized as a seperate charge, it should at least be noted as part of the package. As Tom pointed out, the customer now realizes that he is actually paying for the scanning service, and that requires hardware/software and time. One thing that's for sure is that you *must* know what your *every* cost is to do the job, and that will include *many* things that don't jump out and say "Lookie here - it just cost you $-.00 for this". Good thread!!



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