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    First, I would like to say what a warm and friendly forum this seems to be.

    I have spent the last 3 years teaching myself Photoshop and ImageReady with books and lots of practice. It is something I truly enjoy doing with my spare time. I have decided to start a photo restoration and enhancement service.

    I have created a website for this service, although I understand that word of mouth the really the best bet. I've tried to go easy on the glass buttons, the animated .gifs, the bevel/embossing, drop shadows and so on. I've tried to give my site a simple, professional appearance with just a hint of art. In other words, I've tried not to overdo it by employing every single technique I've learned.

    I do have some concerns, however. For starters, I really don't know if I'm any good at this. How do I know if I'm "good"? Am I just a Photoshop hack? I've never taken an actual course, and I don't really know much about photography. Everything I've ever worked on has come from my scanner or my digital camera.

    Another concern I have is how I would go about printing for a customer. Surely, I'm not going to print their precious works of art on my HP 7600 (If I do, I'll make it clear in advance what they are getting). I understand there are some online services out there that will print .jpeg's professionally for you. Any good recommendations?

    Last, what must I do to be "legal"? I am a registered owner of Photoshop 7, but don't have a business licence (if that's even necessary). I live in Canada.

    I apologize for not posting my web link. I'm just a tad shy about it and am worried about sharing it on a professional forum like this one.


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    Ken, I am not a professional so can give you no advice on most of what you ask. What I can say though is that you must not be shy about your website! If you cannot be confident showing it here, then how can you be confident showing it to the world?

    Regarding printing though - the new Epson R1800 has just come out which sounds really promising, and would seem ideal for reprinting restored photos. As well as producing stunning pictures, it uses pigment inks that rival laboratory prints for stability, which has certainly been my main concern with most inkjet technologies. Review here:


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      Hi Ken,
      First of all, don't be shy, not everyone here is a professional. There is a wide range of talent and experience, so you'll fit in no matter where you are on the scale.

      To answer some of your questions:
      How do I know if I'm "good"? Am I just a Photoshop hack? I've never taken an actual course, and I don't really know much about photography. Everything I've ever worked on has come from my scanner or my digital camera.
      I'd guess that 90% of the members here started out the very same way, including myself. How can you tell if you're good at it? Most likely, friends and family have been impressed with your work, and that's given you the confidence to start a business. But, because you've asked that question, I'd say you're probably questioning their judgement, and the only way you're going to feel confident about your abilities as a professional, is to get a professional opinion. Post some images here for critique. Mind you, not all responses will be from "professionals", but most have a good eye for talent.
      how I would go about printing for a customer
      Good question and you're right on about NOT selling an inferior print. I second Caitlin's recommendation. Also, any of the Epson printers that use the archival inks. I personally use the R800, and get better prints than from any lab I've ever used. As long as you don't opt for using off brand papers and inks with these, you're images will out last traditional prints. If you do go with a lab, I'd recommend
      what must I do to be "legal"? I suggest you read up on "small business" practices and laws for your province. There may even be free workshops available.

      Regarding a restoration website. The expense and maintenance of keeping a website, from my experience, is not a good way to spend your advertising dollars. However, it is good as a portfolio, of your skills and work.

      As a final note.. This site is packed full of questions and answers about everything related to the field. Browse the forum catagories for topics that are relevant to you, and you'll most likely find an answer to every question you have.


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        Welcome to the forum, please don't be shy, this is a lovely site offers great advice and warm compliments, your never get a nasty remark here, please show your site, i am new to websites i did mine yesterday...You show your website and i shall show mine

        Have a Happy Easter - I got to go now my partner is telling me its time we left.



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          Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately, my site is still a mess and quite unfinished. I promise to share it soon. My coworkers, family and friends are impressed with my photoshop work and are encouraging me to start up a home-based restoration/enhancement service. I envision myself doing word-of-mouth advertising, handing out business cards, putting up flyers locally, that sort of thing. I'm hoping to create a small source of extra income from my spare time. I don't expect my website to bring in any fresh business, but merely be a place that I invite potential or existing customers to visit. Like Vikki suggested, an online portfolio.

          I don't plan to do any printing (I will likely use a service such as, but perhaps my scanner would be an acceptable tool for my professional work. I own a Canon CanoScan LiDE 20 flatbed scanner that provides 600 x 1200 dpi. Let me know if that's unacceptable quality for a professional service.

          Although I feel comfortable with Photoshop, that's where my expertise ends. I've never scanned or printed anything for a customer. I have thousands of questions regarding topics such as scanning, printing images to look as they appear on my screen, etc. I'll search the forum for the answers as much as I can before posting the questions.




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            Hey, don't be shy... my website is also not very profesional & not finished and no one said bad word about it, yet...
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              First Client H-E-L-P !!!!!!!!!!!

              tahoma size2color=black
              Can anyone contact me via messenger to talk me through some modifications on images from a fashion shoot.. FIist Impression is the best I live in New York City, just got a new G4 Powerbook and a first client from a Urban Magazine here... I am done with the configuration of this machine, but now that I have graduated as well from a multimedia design cousre. I have chosen to venture into retouching since I'm a photographer also. I have done retouching on my own images but for this first client I have to do lots of mods to the images(models) augmentation to so speak breast, butts and strech marks along with a hair removal and another for making flaws in shoe size smaller in other words the model had shoes on the were a few size to big and I have to correct that as well.. Any advice wil be well taken and heeded with highest of esteem thanks

              A.I.M. PHOTOWERKZ247
              YAHOO PHOTOWERKZ24_7


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                Don't shy post your site...

                Hi Ken,

                Hey first thing, I joined this forum just today, second - I have my site on which is free.... its its also not finished or proper.. as I am a photo restorer not a web designer, My site is not that good too and I really don't know how it looks... but still I post it here because forum is a place to share the problems and to get the solutions.. and here part of a problme is a website because your samples show your capabilities and your restoration quality, so until you post your problem ( your site ), you won't get solution... so buddy don't shy ... we all are same, after all we are artists.. pls post your site and get suggestions of the wonderful members about ever improving your site..

                - nick


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