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    After finishing up the last of about 75 personalized calendars for customers, I got to wondering if anyone else has tapped into this cash flow generator. We scan and position a photo of the customers choice on the top half of a sheet of Heavyweight Matte paper, drop a 1 year calendar on the bottom and print. $3.00 for about 10 minutes work. $12.50 for a 12x18 size. About half were of the larger size. We dont include any restoration...just a quick tone/color adjustment. Might be worth trying this on some of your customers..these make good gifts and while they probably wont raise your income into a higher tax bracket, the advertising value is very real. Just a thought...Tom

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    Good idea Tom. Do you put your name anywhere on the calendar? If people have your name in front of them all year long, that isn't bad advertising.



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      The business name goes in small print on the left side just under the photo. Tom


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        I was wondering if you could attach a picture of this idea...I think this would make a great gift. Thanks for the idea
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          Great idea Tom.


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            Sure thing, Jill. Attached is a generic example. It doesnot show the outline of the paper very well, but the size is standard 8.5x11. Tom


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              It really turned out great Tom. I thought you meant the type calandar where you tear off all the pages of the month and the top was a picture of a family member. That's even better. Love the whole idea. I have come to realize that Christmas is a busy time in this business and that would be a perfect gift idea. Love this site for ideas and info.


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                I was thinking that it was the tear off kind too, that is great and thank you for that idea! What a great picture


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