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What would you charge for this restore?

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  • What would you charge for this restore?

    I'm toying with offering my services in the local area in photo restoration. With a full time job, I am not planning to turn this into a big business, but do want to charge realistic prices for my work.

    I've been rather shocked in browsing around some Australian photo restoration sites at just how cheaply some people sell their services.

    So I'm interested in getting some realistic estimates from people here on what they think would be a reasonable charge for the restore attached, just as a guide.

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    I don't advise using internet sites as reference for pricing. I think they are unrealistic, and not your competition. Instead, research actual facilities in a 50 mile radius of where you live. Take your original to all of the places that offer restoration, for an estimate on price and turn-around time. Now that you know what the going rate for your area is, you can make an educated price rate.

    Very nice job on the restoration (highlights a bit blown out though).


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      That was the single greatest piece of advice I have ever heard on pricing. Certainly something to put on my list of "to do"s. Thank you very muchly!

      And Caitlin,

      VERY excellent work! For that, I would think you could charge just about whatever you want! WONDERFUL!



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        I agree with Vikki, but would add that I would also take a look at how long it took me to do this, then figure what I will make on a per hour basis. Most likely you would like to make at least the minimum wage......



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          Mike's advice is something to consider, when contemplating this as a money making venture. However, I don't think the time it takes you to complete the work is something you should factor in on your pricing. If you are going to establish yourself as a professional, you can't charge the customers for one's lack of experience and skill, or the ability to complete the job in a timely manner.


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            Excellent point Vikki. When starting out, it's very unlikely you'll have enough paid projects to saturate your available time. I believe it is better to use that extra time on early projects anyways to learn and perfect your technique and workflow. It would not be reasonable to charge the customer for that extra time and effort - your reward will be the experience gained.

            Better to charge a price that's competitive with the going rate in your area, and not be concerned at this point with how much you're making per hour. By doing so, your early customers will likely get a better result which may very well translate into further business down the road.

            Hopefully, by the time your business grows and the projects pile up , the efficiency from your experience will help you achieve the desired hourly income rate.

            - Kurt


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