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My New Site - Ready To Launch? Please Critique

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  • My New Site - Ready To Launch? Please Critique

    Nearly finished with my Photo Restoration site - (still have the FAQs to finish) and would love to have some critiques:

    Thank you in advance for your constructive advise!
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    Re: My New Site - Ready To Launch? Please Critique

    I like the site. Good hook "Retro".

    I think your colorized images are a bit unsaturated for retail tastes. And you need to spellcheck ("Miminal").

    You might consider an upload script instead of asking for emailing of JPGs. Perhaps one paired with an online contact/order form. Both are available free and pretty easy to set up.

    And get a good antispam email filter (I learned this the hard way, I use Cloudmark). The bots love "paypal" in an email address.
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      Re: My New Site - Ready To Launch? Please Critique

      Hi Photomobile,

      This review may be a bit all over the place, but that is because I am going to write it as I surf the site..


      I am a firm believer that you need your business name and contact info on every page of the site in text form. This makes it easier for your customers to contact you and it also links your page content to your business name when a search engine web crawls your site. Never put vital information only in image files, because a search engine cannot index that text.

      You put a gaurantee down on the bottom, this is a great idea. I would suggest changing it a 100% Money Back Guarantee!, and make it stand out via color or size.


      I would like your different services to be a hotlink that would take you to an example of each of those repairs (ie. colorization, manipulations, etc.)

      It's good you are listing your unique benefits, but be a little more clear, when I read that you have genalogy search, I wonder... How does that work, will he give me a link to my own seach, am I going to have to call him and give him all my family details? Just be more specific, about the benefits of the feature.


      I don't understand why there are two of each photo side by side. I would rather have one larger photo.

      Restore Gallery:

      I don't know what the problem is, but none of the roll over work for me, so you may want to check that out.

      Retouch Galley:

      I like the way this gallary worked. MAybe you should make the Resotre Gallery similar.

      Colorization Gallery:

      I like this one too.

      Send Photo:

      I don't think you should intimidate your prospects with these details quite yet. Save them for an email after initial contact is made. I always try to keep in mind the goal of my website. Tempt them with the benefits instead of boring them with the details. You want your website to get people to call or email you. Once they have done that you can go forward with the technical requirements.


      I see you have provided further details on your genaology service which is good. Perhaps use these details on the services page.


      Well it looks like that is about it. Sorry if I was too critical, but I know that I appreciate an unbiased 'fresh' look at a website I have been staring at non stop for days or weeks. Sometimes you lose prospective when so much work is involved. Let me know if you have any questions..

      -Guy Thomas


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        Re: My New Site - Ready To Launch? Please Critique

        Thank you for your input - I will work on both comments....some very good ideas.

        You are not too critical - it was the "fresh eyes" I was looking for.

        Thank you so much
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          Re: My New Site - Ready To Launch? Please Critique


          I decided to revisit you site and see how you were coming along. Excellent job! You did a great job implementing the suggestions, and the site is quite a bit more functional.

          -Guy Thomas


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            Re: My New Site - Ready To Launch? Please Critique

            Yes, thanks to you it feels much better to me too. I am looking for a form to use to upload images directly in the website instead of having them emailed to me.


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              Re: My New Site - Ready To Launch? Please Critique

              Hi Photomobile,

              Give a try. They have a large selction of scripts, you will just need to know what kind of implementation you are going to use. Most likely it will be old school CGI & Perl.

              If you haven't done anything in this realm before, I will warn you, that a script like this can be a pain in the ass to install and get working. There are a lot of configurations you will have to find out about your web server and input them into the script, and you may find yourself sending your hosting service numerous emails to get everything working. I don't want to discourage you in any way, I just want you to understand that it probably won't be a piece of cake.

              -Guy Thomas

              Edit: Here is a more specific link for the type of script you are looking for:
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