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    Just want to know were other host there websites. Please list were you host your site and why.

    I will start now I host a few sites wit because they have a good price and I have never had a problem with there service.

    I have also used I use them at work beacuse of there reseller program and they have an extensive control panel.


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    Re: Web Hosting

    Fatcow. Price is right, good spam filtering, excellent customer service either online (chat) or via toll-free voice. I'm paying $99 a year.


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      Re: Web Hosting for me. Good packages, service and support, plus they are a growing leader in UK hosting. All servers are UK based, thus giving good speeds to my main audience. Many extras in their packages, that many hosts charge for.
      All round they have given me good service and support from day 1, even though there was a major hardware fail on the server I'm on. Fault caused total loss of both site data and backups, yet my site was back up an running within 1 hour of the issue.


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        Re: Web Hosting in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania: prices are good, customer service is outstanding (they've gone out of their way for me in doing things that, technically, were not their responsibility, but they did it anyway), have all the latest database, PHP, etc. stuff, they sit on top of a T1 line, zero down time in something like 10 years of service.


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