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  • my NEW website

    please check it out...don't be too harsh though i've still got a ways to go on it all. building the site took me HOURS but i think i've got the hang of it now so maybe it'll be a lot quicker for me to jazz it up a bit as i think it's kind of plain. anyway, check out the gallery and i'm open to your input

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    Re: my NEW website

    Well, I was waiting to see what others said - I think the site looks pretty amateurish. It has a look from 1995 when people used blocky beveled buttons and backgrounds. Maybe that is the look you are going for. The word "gallery" is hanging off the button.The white header is blurry; so is the text. The text is all in an image; there is nothing on the page for a search engine to read. Very sorry, but if I was clicking through Google for Retouching sites, I would click back. Your retouching work is pretty good.


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      Re: my NEW website

      Yes, some of your retouching is great!

      You'd better rejig your javascript so that the "before" photos are preloaded into the gallery. It's a pain to run your mouse over the pic, then wait while the image loads. A lot of people won't wait.


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        Re: my NEW website

        thank you smak for your honest opinion. In most ways i agree with you. It was not the look i was going for but it gave me the same vibe too. I was really just tinkering around to see if i could even do one and once i ended up getting it all together i thought it looked "decent" so i left it (i was probably delerious from staying up til 8am working on it one nite lol). yes the text is all blurry but i DID want it to be...i wanted it to look kinda like it was "glowing"..therefore it's an image from photoshop. I made the entire page in photoshop then had to piece it together in Yahoo Site Builder which just took forever to create piece by piece and then overlay pieces to connect links too lol. it really was a hassle. I'm not sure how i should be creating a website..i'd love to have a flash type gallery but that's probably not going to happen lol. I do plan on doing more work on it and changing it up though...i just havne't had time.
        Damo, as you can tell from the first part of this paragraph, i don't have any Javascript going on in my page unless yahoo site builder makes that happen or anyone that's looked at it has said it loads instantly though. never had any problems so i'm not quite sure what your saying i should do. thanks for the compliments on my retouching by the way.
        and a question to all: What can i use to build a better website! i need ideas or something because it really is a "1995" website lol.
        Thanks to all you replied and Thanks in advance to those who will


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          Re: my NEW website

          If you've got a rollover, you've got some JavaScript. Yes, it must have happened without you really understanding it.

          I'm at work on a high-speed connection, and I found myself waiting a fair bit. Perhaps it's a problem that's peculiar to my OS/Browser combo - Firefox on a Mac. If other people are happy with it, that's cool.


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            Re: my NEW website

            haha, yeah it must've just happened....i just uploaded an image then right clicked and it gave me an option to set a rollover was very simple. no javascript done by me
            Maybe it was ur connection because it doesn't give me any problems and i haven't heard of any....hopefully the issue won't arise with lots of people


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              Re: my NEW website

              Hi yelhsaneerg,Let me ask you are you making money from your retouching


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                Re: my NEW website

                another thing, I find this very annyoing in a website. When you click on a picture to enlarge it, it opens another session of IE. Also I am viewing on a 20 inch monitor 1600 x 1200 and you page is tiled I am guessing you have your site setup for 800 x 600. I would guess that at this point not many people are still using 800 x 600 monitors. I would look into uping the size of your page to better match the current monitor standards. I also didnt wait for the rollover to work, something is wrong there. It should happen a lot quicker.


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                  Re: my NEW website

                  ahh I see now, the rollover only works once you enlarge the picture. Its working fine for me although I still dont like it when it opens a new session on IE.


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                    Re: my NEW website

                    There are lots of software packages available to build websites. Many free ones on the web and then there are the two most popular. Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is the preferred professional package and is somewhat the industry standard. Frontpage is a very capable program that is aimed at the non professional. It has some limitations but unless you are building a site with lots of flash apps, you wouldnt notice the limitations. Both packages are pricy with Dreamweaver being the more expensive of the two. The learning curve of Dreamweaver is pretty steep and long if you dont already have some experience building websites.


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