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    Been ages since I posted anything on here, but I have since setup a website & started filling it with content - so plenty for all to view now

    I had no money to pay for the design/coding....a family friend was kind enough to set it up for me to maintain the content


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    This site takes way to long to open.Actually opens to white page and hangs there
    I tried it 3 times and I do not have a slow connection
    People looking for work will not wait you must fix this
    it should open in less than 6seconds


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      That's the first time I've had a complaint about the site not being able to load...I checked it at work today & it loaded fine, just tried it at home...seemed a bit slower than earlier but it still loaded - so not sure what the problem was there

      tried again in a different browser, again a bit slower than usual....but loaded fine

      my only problem with it that annoys me at the moment is that it does not resize the body of the page if you don't have the browser set to fullscreen

      if anyone else has the same problem as zganie let me know
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        I just tested from a university connection and there was the same delay, after which the full page popped up suddenly. I suspect the delay is caused by the large number of images on the page (samples plus previews). Perhaps it would be better for each sample image and the accompanying thumbnails to be offered on separate pages, rather than one long post. This can only get worse as more entries are added.

        BTW, your work is excellent! Thanks for sharing.


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          It loads PDQ here, and your stuff is cool. Nice Flickr slideshow, I'll have to look
          into to it.



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            Yep...nice stuff...but take a long time to load.


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              Thanks for the replies....I am not sure if it is the amount or the fact that the images are all hosted on flickr - I've also got to try and limit the amount of posts which appear on the front page to speed things up a little bit

              there is like 8 at the moment, think I'll cut that back to everyone said, it's only going to get worse in time

              Cheers for the kudos, I've got another show for Avenged Sevenfold/Bullet For My Valentine next Wed, so more shots will be added before next weekend


              *edit* I've changed the main page to display 3 entries, let me know if this dramatically changed the loading time & if 3 is not enough
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                let me know what you think.

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