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  • Looking for a site

    Hi! I am not a designer at all and only deal with images in photoshop so I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I would like to have a portfolio website with rollovers for before/after examples. I wanted to use something simple like this company where you use their template and pay a monthly fee for hosting and support. I thought a program like this would be perfect for me because it is very inexpensive and allows me to customize and personalize the site a little bit and self manage, but they do not offer the rollover feature. Again, I do not design at all so I kind of need a 1-stop-shop for the new site. Can anyone direct me to a similar company that would offer this?

    I would appreciate anyone who could help!
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    Re: Looking for a site

    Good Question! I'd like to know as well. Or is there any tutorials on how to make Flash rollovers without having to learn everything there is to know about webdesign.


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      Re: Looking for a site


      I am Kuldeep Dasot a web designer from Jaipur India.
      Domain Name Reg:$ 15 Yearly
      Hosting Charges : $ 10 Monthly
      up to 50 Rollover Images : $ 300
      and up to seven pages like Home About Us Folio Feedback Contact Us etc
      my email : [email protected]

      Thamks & Regards
      Kuldeep Dasot
      91 9214320545


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