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Need a small CSS hint..(Dreamweaver4)

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  • Need a small CSS hint..(Dreamweaver4)

    Ok..blindness has struck me...
    I have the manual..
    I have tutorials..
    I haven't got a clue...
    I'm doing something wrong...
    HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP it is (don't laugh..)
    I'm making links for my website, using CSS
    I've defined a:link
    I've defined a:hover
    Now.. I CAN apply the a:link CSS to the word, but NOT, I repeat NOT the a:hover CSS to the same word...

    I know it's easy..I just don't see what I'm doing wrong...
    old age?

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    Seems like everyone's having CSS problems this week...

    Greg has a thread on CSS HERE that might be helpful to you...


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      Don't know if I'm qualified yet to answer this's my understanding that if you use the "a" tags in a style sheet, it modifies the existing html tag. In other words all you have to do is type your text, highlight and set whatever the link is. There is no need to apply the a: tags to any word. If your CSS sheet is attached and formatted properly, your links and hover effects should automatically show up in your browser....unless you are running Netscape Communicator which, as I understand, does not fully support CSS.


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        Preview Mode

        I can think of four reasons why it might not be working:

        1. I don’t know if you are hand coding or using a program such as FrontPage or HomeSite, but if you are using a program, the hover function won’t show up until you switch to preview mode. Just a thought.

        2. Something is coded incorrectly.

        3. In IE, if you want to use "A:hover", make sure always to use "A:link". Otherwise, IE will ignore your "A:hover" rule.

        4. Also Greg is right the CSS don't work the same in all browers:
        The hover pseudo-class, which is necessary to set the color of links when moused over, is supported (so far) by Internet Explorer 4 and above and Netscape 6. Netscape 4.XX and below do not support this functionality. Other browsers may or may not depending on their level of CSS support.

        Last edited by T Paul; 06-21-2002, 06:42 PM.


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          Doug uses it here...take a look at the source for here. I usually go somewhere where something I want to do works (like it does here) and see where my code differs. THEN you can more precisely figure out why after you've narrowed it down to one or two.


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            Ok, found it...
            me donkey....

            Did everything right, but since it was 4 am I simply (DUH...) forgot to actually assign a link to the words I wanted to use as a link making it, well..not a link, really..
            Hence a:hover and a:link felt no obligation to make these words behave like a link in any way..and I can't blame them, of course...

            Thanks for all the imput
            And let this be a lesson to you all..never work until 4am untless you have abundant supplies of black coffee and..pretzels.


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              2-4 am is my most creative time!


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                Of course it is...watching re-runs on Discovery channel with one eye, having Illustrator, photoshop and dreamweaver open at the same time, and suddenly realising you don't know which one you're actually working in...absent-mindedly stirring your scalding hot coffee with your Wacom Art-pen...using your original Quark X-press CD as a coaster...and noticing how cute the paws of your beloved cat look on your not-yet-dry A3 size photo-quality print..
                No, nothing beats the 2-4am slot !


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