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  • My new site

    Not sure If I like it yet.
    Last edited by Drebone88; 09-05-2008, 12:03 AM. Reason: Need to edit my page based on reviews of various members on retouch

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    Re: My new site

    Well, I'm far from expert here - since I have been struggling for 3 months to have my web site built for my hope to open soon new business. But - the one thing that stands out to me is the music - I for one don't care for the sound effects when viewing any site. Of course, that's just me - you see, most times I am at work (doing lunch now) and when I open a site and music unexpectedly starts up it is a little annoying.

    Who built your site - I am currently using a group affiliated with my hosting service and so far it has been a hellacious experience. I have pretty much prepared myself to expect the worst.


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      Re: My new site

      I too could do without the music, I usually quit any site that forces their music on me unless there is a way to turn it off.


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        Re: My new site

        now my opinion only.....
        First most of the music I wasn't comfortable with.... some was too harsh, didn't quite fit the mood of your slide shows. or for what i think your setting up for the site,,,, .. my self if you stay with nice soft instrumentals..... and too me pictures is about memories..... and always nice soft sentalmental music works well... music should have a mystical quality that takes you back in time to fond memories... byt staying with instrumental then the viewer will become more involved since they we'll be remembering.... ! take a look at some of the sentimental instrumental music of the 50's and 60's
        1. the main page, the background graphic didn't do anything for me and that music i didn't llike... i thought it was wrong for the page..
        2. your package page, music definitley i didn't like.... what ever mood you had setup before they get to that page.. is broken... the music is awful harsh...
        3. your senior page... what is that page supposed to convey.. at first i thought it was going to be about senior people but obviously wrong..... than i thought it was about senior high school......but i get no sense of that...

        4. favorites page.... most of your shots appears to use hdr technique and that fine.... but maybe seperate page hight special effects examples...
        5. now i saw a few pictures that i thought should been left out because they were poor..... they were over exposed or way to contrasty..... it better to have a few very good pictures than have alot of good and poor pictures.... people see the poor ones and there going to have 2nd thoughts. !!
        6. clients page .... the music on this page, to me, was the only page that seems to have a good sentimental mood... music fitted fine... but that picture on the lower left.... i get another picture it looks overexposed

        those are my thoughts.... some of your pictures were very good..... but i thought be better to highlight what things that struck that how things can be improved.

        Originally posted by Drebone88 View Post
        Not sure If I like it yet.



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          Re: My new site

          To be honest, I immediately hit the back button on my browser if an URL sends me to a blank page (and yes, I saw the little sliding bar).


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            Re: My new site

            As with everyone else i can do without the music and i would have liked to see some of the pictures bigger but there wasn't the option to click on them and see them larger.


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