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hosts for retouching portfolio?

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  • hosts for retouching portfolio?

    Can anyone recommend a host that provides templates for retouching portfolio's? I'm specifically looking for the site to have mouse over image changes in order to show before/after, it seems like most photography portfolio hosts don't offer this unless it's done custom. I also want a client log in, and to have the ability to swap out images easily and to have creative input into the site, I just don't know how to build it myself. Any suggestions are appreciated I feel like I've spent ours looking online with little luck.

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    Re: hosts for retouching portfolio?

    I know you'll probably read this post srutovitz and hope I have an answer for you, so I'll apologize in advance because I just want to second your post! I'd love to find a host like this aswell.


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      Re: hosts for retouching portfolio?

      like lukewheeler i have no clue about this, but im interested to learn.



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