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    Does anyone here know of any good FREE websites that can hold more than two pictures...I need to create a portfolio for now but I am looking to invest in a website later...I just need something that is free and usable for now.. Thanks!

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    Re: FREE websites

    Are you looking for free web hosting or are you just looking for free space where you can upload, download, and store files? If it's the latter, you can try
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: FREE websites

      How to Make a Free Online Portfolio

      Great portfolio host sites


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        Re: FREE websites

        Flickr is free for the first 200 photos. And for just $29 per year, you can host an infinite number. Moreover, they have partnered with Getty Images, so you can take advantage of that relationship if you wish.

        You can group photos in sets and collections. If you like, you can accept comments, or you can just show your photographs. Anyway, the tour link is available above.


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          Re: FREE websites

          nice thanks for all the feedback!


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            Re: FREE websites

            deviantART Free hosting for up to 100 images.


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              My name is Yahor I need portfolio building. If you have some images for refinement feel free to contact me designer(at)
              I have five-year experience working with Adobe Photoshop and assure of excellent quality.

              Best regards
              Yahor Shumski.
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