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trouble with having a common name

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  • trouble with having a common name

    Hi All

    i have been a reader of these forums for a while now, so i thought i would sign up and give it a real bash. Im looking to get a domain name ready for my eventual portfolio, but i seem to struggle a lot with having a common name. I want it to be as professional as possible.

    i have only come up with (middle name is andrew) so far how ever i would prefer to have a .com any other combo seems to be taken unless i break it up with something like retouch or retouching...but then this brings me to having a long domain name which isnt ideal either

    what do you suggest? Any ideas on combinations?
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    Re: trouble with having a common name

    How about! Consider just your initials with a twist (ipab, pabpxl etc) or something task related. I remember what a headache it was when I had to commit to a name so good luck!


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      Re: trouble with having a common name

      I wouldn't agonize over it. The most important factor is having it easily recallable, and making sure you don't keep having to spell it for people.

      Also, be careful where you test out potential domain names, some test sites are run by companies that instantly reserve any tested domains so you have to pay more once you find one you like.

      Stick with .com if you can. And check out who lives at the .net, .org, etc. variants.

      bennettportfolio is available (the 2 t's might require some spelling out for people, but that might also get them to remember it). But it's kind of inviting.
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        Re: trouble with having a common name

        doug > yea i agree with sticking with the .com - the isnt a bad idea either i like it. maybe ? is a blog about something, cant really figure it out LOL. its very hard to keep it short n sweet, i really struggle with domain names. Simply because my name is common. i am quite liking the bennettporfolio / though

        what ya think?


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          Re: trouble with having a common name

          If it's just for your portfolio, I'd go with bennettportfolio. But if you're also going to have business pages, service listings, maybe an upload link for clients, I'd go with bennettretouch.

          Or do both Would only cost you about $6 extra per year.
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          Take responsibility for learning


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