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    I've just updated my website, comments welcome

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    Re: Retoucher Website

    Lovely work! Didn't have any issues with the site, and everything looks great. This may just be me, and a personal taste thing, but the arrows used to go to next and previous images may be better served placed under the image versus to the left and right. I only mention this because looking at the before and after samples was a tad time consuming (mousing back and forth across the page). Actually, better yet, leave the arrows and perhaps do a roll over for before and after images. You're doing this in flash so that should be pretty straight forward. Other than that I think the site works well. Nice work!


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      Re: Retoucher Website

      Just noticed one other thing. Your "close" X in the galleries is different sizes and styles from page to page. Nothing major, but was noticed so I thought I would say something.


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        Re: Retoucher Website

        Hi Gina,

        I have been following you on Facebook for a while now and I love your website. There are a few gramattical errors in your contact page. Message me if you would like some help with this.


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          Re: Retoucher Website

          Lovely samples of work but you could improve the user interface. eg How do you get back to the home page from a portfolio page. Before and after could be a slicker op. That said, well done.


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            Re: Retoucher Website

            Nice work Gina, photographically and in terms of presentation! Your facebook page is nice too.

            I was going to mention the lack of a way to escape the enlarged images but Repairman caught that. It's very important to fix this. After looking through several samples I had to delete everything but your top level URL to get back to where I could navigate from the main menu again. Some visitors may not know to do that, or may not take the trouble.

            You might remove images that are near-duplicates (ie, are of the same person in slightly different poses or that otherwise look similar). Prune the work tightly.

            Some of the tearsheet examples duplicate shots shown in the individual galleries (see my point above). Speaking of the tearsheets, I'm confused about how they relate to you. Are you the photographer as well as the retoucher? Doesn't matter, but you should specify why these are important (since you are promoting retouching and not photo services, yes?).

            Specific typos on the Contact page:

            •"Beauty, High Fashion, Advertising, Composite and Celebrity Retouch" (has a double space after "Beauty,")

            •"To received a Price Estimate" (say "receive")

            •"When contacting me to get a quote don't forget to introduce yourself," (end this line with a period, not a comma)

            •"*Add a brief description of your project and the instructions of what you would like to be done, try to give as much details as possible." (What does the "*" refer back to? Maybe use a bullet instead. "the instructions of" needs to be rephrased. There's another double space after "project". Say "detail" not "details"

            There's more on that same page, but you get the idea. Might be a ESL situation (I'm not sure where you're located).

            Do I sound like your mom, ha! I also beta test software and catch all sorts of little things...


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              Re: Retoucher Website

              Thanks everyone for all your feedback.

              Will try to make some changes, but is a wix template so it's not so easy but I have 6 months paid so I will use it for that time.

              I think the best will be to hire someone to do it for me because I don't know how to make a flash website and also I don't have a lot of free time

              plugsnpixels: I'm from Mexico. You are really good giving feedback


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                Re: Retoucher Website

                You're welcome! I live in SoCal so your sentence structure sounded familiar ;-).

                Another thing to consider is, do you really want a Flash website? For example, Apple iOS devices can't display Flash, and a LOT of creative people use them. At your site my iPad pops up a message that says, "To enjoy this site you'll need to update your Flash Player..." When I click to do so out of curiosity, I get another error that says, "Unfortunately, it [Flash] is not available for your device..." So you immediately lose all of those mobile device visitors (potential clients).

                Perhaps HTML 5 is the way to go instead? I'm not a coder so you'll have to Google around for advice there. My own website (URL in sig) was created and is still maintained with Adobe's GoLive CS2 (!). Which is embarrassing, but I've used GoLive since it was GoLive CyberStudio.

                The good news is, I bet everyone can display it, even on ancient browsers. It looks great on mobile devices too, aside from not displaying the button rollovers. The bad news is, when I upgrade to OSX Lion I need to find another web development app. I have them all, but don't like DW; I've narrowed my choices down to Freeway Pro or Wordpress. Advice from other readers is welcome.

                Nothing's ever easy...