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new website, mixed feelings

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  • new website, mixed feelings

    I set up my very first website in July. I like it, but I don't love it. I'm getting reasonably good reviews from the public, however a fellow web designer told me I could do better. Namely with the layout. He also thought the website is a bit bare for something related to photography.

    What are your opinions?


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    Re: new website, mixed feelings

    Hi, onsh0t.

    When I first opened the site I got the impression of viewing a blog, not a photographer's site.
    I would pose the question: What is it you are showcasing on this web site? Your work? Your thoughts on pieces you've done? Something else?

    Could the shots of on-location, make-up series, and generic stuff be segregated into different sections and not all on the front page (which is what lends the impression of a photo-blog).

    If the photo blog is what you are after then I say you have it.
    If you are looking to set up a showcase site then yes: the site design should be revised so that it does precisely that: showcase your work.
    There is always room for the blog part, and the behind-the-scenes candid shots along with your commentary, etc.

    One example may be Joey L's site:
    Another straightforward site is a friend and colleague of mine:

    Of course there are countless other examples to review and derive inspiration for your site.

    But start with the basic questions of what is the purpose of the site? what is it I want visitors to be interested in (my work, my commentary about my work)?
    Do I want it to be a way for potential clients to reach me?

    Once you have a clearer picture (no pun intended) written down on paper you will be better able to direct the design and purpose of your site.


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      Re: new website, mixed feelings

      Hi Vernon,
      Thanks for visiting. Yeah, I totally see your point about the photoblog. When I started the website it was a bit like 'I need a website, I need it now', so that's what I ended up with.

      I also want to wait until I have a bigger portfolio of work before I base the layout more around my work.

      Either way, writing down the purpose and aims of the site is probably the best advice I heard in a while. I'll definitely do that.


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