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Stolen web images (Translator Please!!)

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  • Stolen web images (Translator Please!!)

    I have recently found some of my images on a site that I think maybe Brazilian.

    Can anyone here help me to translate the site and the wording around my images - I have no idea whether they are using my images in the context that I would like them viewed. Also I can't find a link to my site anywhere!
    I don't know what type of site this is and they certainly did not ask my permission to use these images

    The site address is

    There are 3 of my images about half way down the page begining with my carrots images - masks image and finally a yellow daisy image. These are under the following title
    quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2002

    Please help me

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    Have Just found another one

    Under the same date heading as above!!

    Please help me I am getting really upset about this now


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      clare, i have had good success using this site, including for translations, albeit from yiddish, not spanish; perhaps they could help; i have in most cases gotten answers in 24 hours or less.


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        Clare both the carrots and mask images are linked to your site. Right click them and then click properties.


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          Thanks kathleen and gland

          I have sent a message to the experts - thanks for the link Kathleen.

          Gland - Yes it apears that the images are linked to my web server. If I find that the sites are not using them in the context I would like them viewed I now have an easy way of breaking there link. Thank you for pointing this out.

          Has anyone else had simlar problems with there images being used by different web sites? How did you sort it out?


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            Google has some translation abilities...

            The following: quarta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2002
            is just a day/date
            Wednesday, 27 of November of 2002

            Under the Carrot picture: Quando a fama custa caro
            When the fame costs expensive (according to the translation on Google).

            Not sure about the rest...

            Good luck in figuring out why they have YOUR pics...



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              Thanks jrolinc

              I got the same from Google.

              Whats that got to do with carrots?

              Then it makes little sense from there on in.

              And it would seem that my cabbage on the lower link is advertising Hannibal Lector!!

              I am still searching for the reasons why my images are being used.



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                Clare they shouldn't be using your images at all without your consent. Normally people just copy the image and put it on their own server.

                Legally I don't know what, if any, recourse you have. Most people I know E-mailed the site owner and complained.


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                  Clare this is bad news-good news.

                  Bad news: Someone is stealing your images.

                  Good news: You have something worth stealing.


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                    Ha I am going to play them at there own game!

                    I am going to redo each of the images so that it read

                    (c)Clare Sadler

                    in base at the base of all the images

                    That should sort the little suckers!



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                      I could be wrong here, but isn't the national language of Brazil, Portugese? Don't know how much difference it would make in the translation though.

                      I did find that a member of RP had used an image that I submitted for a challenge, on his website. It is an image of my daughter, that she gave permission to use as a challenge, but not for anything else. While I don't think it was right to use the image without asking, I didn't pursue the matter. My daughter doesn't know about it. That's one reason why I no longer submit images for challenges, if there could be a problem. That kind of puts me in a hard position.



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                        Clare, I have not had anyone stealing images. (I don't have any up yet. ) However, I found that the Professional Photographers of Colorado website has all of it's images "locked" so that you can't right-click and copy/save them at all. I'm thinking of doing something like that on my site - which I hope to have up by the first of the year. I don't know if this would stop someone from linking back to your page however. (Probably not. )

                        As far as translation, there are some free translators on the web which will take a URL and translate it. I just did this recently - I'll try to find the one I used again. Oh - and since this webpage is from Brazil, it's most likely in Portuguese (not Spanish.)



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                          stealing images

                          There isn't much you can do considering where they are being used and if they are giving any sort of credit to you, the link, this seems to be the downsize of posting a pic somewhere on the web, anybody can take it and use it, and you have no control over how they do that.
                          Unless you have a lot of money you are stuck, because it cost a fortune to pursue copyright enfringement, and after you have paid to stop them, most likely they will just agree to stop using and you have put alot of money out and the cost to them 0.
                          I had a photo used by somebody else in a art contest and even after I confronted the person and notified the art source nothing was done, the person even got an award and then to make matters worse, when I used my photo, somebody accussed me of stealing it from that person. Go figure that.


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                            Seeing as how they are linking to your site, why not take just one of the images and type" This image stolen from" in large bold letters.

                            See how long it takes for them to discover it.


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                              Wow - I've been trying to translate and going back and forth to the pages - and now all of the images have a big "(c) Clare..." on them! You move fast Clare!

                              As far as translation, I found which will take a webpage for translation. It's pretty rough, but from what I can understand, it doesn't appear that the text has anything to do with the images. They both appear to be web blogs which just intersperse poems/musings with random images (that presumably the blogger finds appealing.) All of the images on those two sites are linked to other sites on the web - none appear to be hosted at the site where the text is.

                              Do you mind my asking how you found your pictures on these sites? Just wondering if there's some sort of searching I should be doing once I get my site up. Is there a way to find all of the links TO your site as well as what they are linking to?



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