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some queastions on building a portfolio

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  • Photoshop_Nerd
    Re: some queastions on building a portfolio

    The latest version of Squarespace is pretty good for building portfolios.

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  • Vernon
    Re: some queastions on building a portfolio

    If either of you are still looking at Wordpress for your portfolio/blog, there is at least one plugin that will provide before and after effects for images:

    It is a JQuery based plug in and does not use flash.

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  • tayler
    Re: some queastions on building a portfolio

    did you get anywhere with your site? Im thinking of creating one as well and wanted to chat with you about it

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  • madscientist
    started a topic some queastions on building a portfolio

    some queastions on building a portfolio

    Hey everyone,

    I'm planning on building an online portfolio of my retouch & design work.. and attach a blog and some other pages to that as well.. I definitely want to make it in wordpress.. still looking for a nice theme

    a few Q's

    1) What would be better, creating a rollover that would show before & after or just have 2 images next to each other with the B&A effect? IF a rollover would be better, anyone knows of a WP plugin that does just that?

    2) Anyone has some good advice for me to keep in mind when building my online portfolio?

    Thanks a lot!

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