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My new retouching web site!

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  • My new retouching web site!


    Finaly I did the new website with all my retouching works!!!
    Take a look!
    By the way, I always open to new interesting collaborations

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    Re: My new retouching web site!

    Alina, your site looks very nice overall! Very slick and modern looking.

    I can only suggest some very minor things:

    •The title of your Home page (as shown in the browser bar) is "Home". That should be customized with your name and other Google-friendly info.

    •About page: Not sure if clients need or want to know about "hard edged healing and Dodging and Burning techniques" (your list of Services is what interests them). If they know what you're talking about in terms of techniques, they can probably do it themselves ;-).

    "expiriance" should be experience. The BOLDED list might look better with only first letter capitalization.

    •Portfolio: The "prev" and "next" navigation buttons only move the photos one set of thumbnails over. I expected a full refresh of the view to a completely new set/page. One or two clicks and it becomes too much work to view more (and a bit dizzying).

    Hope that helps! Your work is very good.