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    Hi All-

    I just built my 1st website for a clipping path/retouching business a few of us are launching. If anybody has some free time to take a look to give us some feed back it would be appreciated. Please be gentle we have never built a website before. Thank you!


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    Re: Website

    Hi, I had a look at your website. For a first effort, it certainly looks good. Everything well-arranged.
    I cannot judge the actual contents, pricing etc. Others may help you there.

    A few remarks about the site itself though:
    - There is a link "pricing page" on the Photo Retouching page that doesn't work.
    - It took me some time finding retouching examples. They are linked from the pricing page. I think it's better to have some examples linked (or shown) on your home page, because customers will want to see what you are able to!
    - Showing before/after photos is a nice idea. However, I sometimes got the "after", sometimes the "before" version when I moved my mouse over it. (Especially on the Basic Examples page, this is confusing.)
    - Your Color Correction examples are quite conservative. My first thought was, "that's not so difficult, I can probably do that myself." Make the examples more appealing or spectacular and customers will more likely use your service.
    - The link to your Commercial retouching form doesn't work either.

    That's it, good luck with your site!


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      Re: Website

      Thank you for the feedback it is greatly appreciated!!


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