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  • Retouch portfolio webpage

    Hello all,

    I have recently created a web portfolio. Do you have any tips on how I could improve it?

    You can see it at

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    Re: Retouch portfolio webpage

    I like the site (modern look and feel) and I like the work too!
    For a retouching site, I usually look for some before/after content too.

    -- shift studio.


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      Re: Retouch portfolio webpage

      He has it there . It's prrrfect. Maybe a couple of notes like click to enlarge, mouse over to toggle/before after in the gallery, everything else is just the way it should be. Easy navigation with big images.
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        Re: Retouch portfolio webpage

        I see that there are some mouse-over to toggle before/after images.
        I suppose as skoobey suggests, some indication of the functionality would be helpful.

        --shift studio.


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          Re: Retouch portfolio webpage

          Thank you for comments! Yes, some of the images have before/after on hover, on other projects, I am not allowed to show the before image. I agree about the indication of usability, do you think that text "hove for before/after" etc. is enough? One more question (probably the most important one). What do you think are the best ways to get my portfolio seen by more people and get hired?


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            Re: Retouch portfolio webpage

            The work is interesting. The site is a little quirky. For example I'm not a big fan of 2D navigation. It annoys me even more that if I scroll through a series, I lose access to the left/right arrows which can allow me to move on to the next image set.

            The font choices and scale are not very good. They would be worse on my phone. Some of the text choices are very poor. Small grey letters with a lot of empty space on a black canvas is unnecessarily difficult to read under certain circumstances. You can't please everyone, but this is just barely acceptable under ideal conditions.

            I think your work deserves a better site layout. I can be much more detailed if you like.


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              Re: Retouch portfolio webpage

              I like the typography choices - font, its colour, size, and positioning. Its not hard to read and looks stylish.
              I never tried on my phone though.
              --shift studio.


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                Re: Retouch portfolio webpage

                Originally posted by shift studio View Post
                I never tried on my phone though.
                --shift studio.
                I usually try on a couple different devices before giving an opinion. The two different scrolling directions for images within a set and across sets was a bigger turnoff for me. I think it's easy to miss a lot of images that way. If you scroll into an image set, you also lose the ability to go to the next without scrolling back up. I really like the actual images.


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