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    My name is Ovi Gordan and I am a retoucher working online as self employed, please have a look at my portfolio here: feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Re: light retoucher website

    I hoped someone else would comment first. I am not a fan of this at all, although I would be interested in your reasoning on some of these choices.

    You need to work on your writing. I feel like a site is better with minimal copy rather than poorly written and formatted copy. It's okay for a forum post. It's not good if you want to sound like an authority on any given subject. This applies to the bio, blog, and everything else. Edit : Judging from mention of Romania, I realize English may not be your native language. If this is the case, you may want someone else to handle any copy. You could also have them proofread your work.

    I'm not sure whether I would mention your photography there. If you're going to mention it, you should probably provide a link to your fine art page. Otherwise drop that part. The statement "years of experience" sounds like a bad resume line and doesn't flow with the rest of it, but the ideas on there need to be rewritten. Right now your site would be better without it.

    The blog should either be detached from your main site or contain better content. If you want to connect a blog with your main site, it should usually be a chronological archive. Your posts should showcase recent jobs that turned out exceptionally well.

    If you want to stick with a blog of tutorials on your site, you need to become a much better writer. I can't think of a perfect resource at the moment, but you should investigate technical writing styles. Technical documentation has to be as unambiguous as possible, and you want that in a tutorial. It will make you sound knowledgeable on the subject.

    The navigation of your site is strange. Anything on that front page should have a descriptive name, yet you do not mention what is contained in links1 or links2.

    I think you do a reasonably good job of preserving texture in skin, but this is a very fundamental skill. You should consult several resources on anatomy, because some of these contain strange choices that appear to be a side effect of bad judgement there.

    For example these highlights are not a natural shape and they're very bright. The shot does not lend itself to a surreal look. If it did, I think you could still do a better job.

    It looks like you may have retouched the eyelashes here. They look blocked up in the after version. The same can be said of her eyes and eyebrows.

    There are a lot of things I dislike about the hair here, but the face bothers me more. You lost a lot of the curvature in her cheeks. The lighting isn't very pronounced there, so you have to be careful. When you're starting out, you should refer to both anatomical illustrations and the original image (leave contrast layers on) while you work.

    The nose was already very bright on the same image. It looks round. You made it brighter and rounder. I would not accentuate lighting details just because they exist. You should make choices when you retouch an image to make it look as good as possible.
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      Re: light retoucher website

      Wow Klev, thank you for your long comment, I will consider your remarks, also, I wold love to have a look at your website if you have it...


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        Re: light retoucher website

        I stopped doing this type of work on a day to day basis a while ago, so I no longer maintain a site. I try to offer my reasoning behind each comment though. I don't think they would be useful without it.


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          Re: light retoucher website

          I like the minimalistic nature of the website, which helps put the focus on the work itself. The initial image is chosen very well. Please keep us updated on your beautiful work, and welcome to the forum!


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            Re: light retoucher website

            Thank you Joe, I am hoping to learn some more and to give some back to the pro community.


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