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Site overhaul: Finally gave up GoLive...

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  • Site overhaul: Finally gave up GoLive...

    Hi all, my Plugs 'N Pixels website has been up for at least a decade but I was using Adobe's GoLive (R.I.P. 2007) to design it the whole time, until this year.

    More recently I decided to completely redesign the site from scratch for various reasons (web design software compatibility with current and upcoming operating systems, mobile responsiveness, cleaner look, etc.). After considering everything from Dreamweaver to Freeway to Pinegrow to Rapidweaver to Wordpress, I finally settled on Sparkle (Mac only) because of its very friendly WYSIWYG layout combined with modern features.

    Many of the older pages are still accessible via sub-links, but they don't stand out too badly and will be tweaked as time goes on to reflect the new design.

    Anyway, please come by and take a look, whether you are on Mac, Windows, Linux or mobile (it looks the same on all, yay!). Suggestions and critiques are welcome.

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